The PTSA Race Committee at the 2015 Shipwrights' Regatta.

The PTSA Race Committee at the 2015 Shipwrights’ Regatta.

The first race of the PTSA Spring Whitecap Series celebrates the equinox next Friday, March 20th., starting at 6:30 pm.  In preparation, there will be a skipper’s meeting (open to anyone who wants to sail with us, skipper or crew) on Thursday, March 19th., 6:00 pm. at the Northwest Maritime Center.

Links to printable advance copies of the updated Sailing Instructions, Starting Sequence and Course Marks are available below.

2015 Sailing Instructions for PTSA Events

Starting Sequence,Signals and Flags 2015

Marks and Their Labels-revised 2015

Race Marks Chart-revised 2015