11 Boats came out for the final race of the Night Cap Series.  Conditions were “variable” to put it lightly.  Two boats, Silent Way & Pacemaker, crossed the S-F line between the first and second marks.  The Sailing Instructions specify that the S-F line is only to be crossed when starting and finishing.  This is a safety consideration so that even in a longer race, or multi-lap race, boats aren’t crossing the line in opposite directions.  Silent Way, otherwise, had a very good race, and Pacemaker did not finish.

The RC laptop’s hard drive has departed to the cyber-junk pile.  Within a few days we hope to have detailed results posted.  In the meantime, I’ll post times and let folks who are interested do the math.  Start time was 13:05 and the course distance was 3.6 nm.


(1            Silent Way            14:21:08            DSQ)

(2            505                        14:31:52            unrated)

1            Rush                        14:30:08

2            Sirocco                    14:37:28

3            Dorado                   14:37:46

4            Coco Solo               14:39:19

5            Kolus                       14:39:33

6            Step-n-Annie        14:42:33

7            Thatuna                  14:49:15

8            True North            14:54:08

10          Second Wind        14:55:04

Pacemaker            DSQ & DNF