The US Sailing Safety Equipment Requirements can be recognized as an update of the PIYA Category Requirements which have been in use for decades. Race entry forms for major races specify the Category required for the race, the entrant signs off that they comply and may be subject to a random inspection on race day.

PTSA Races are NEARSHORE category and all boats should be equipped to at least this level.  Notice in the list that some of the requirement have a pinkish shading for the nearshore category indicating likely upgrade, it would be prudent to work towards those now.  NEARSHORE Boats competing in the PTSA Distance Race Series are urged to review the COASTAL requirements and adopt any that make sense for their vessel.

It is assumed that most boats already meet these requirements and there is no need for a formal inspection program.

A printable PDF of the latest version of the requirements is here:-   US Sailing. Sailing Equipment Requirements 2020