The popular and challenging Tour-de-Bay has moved from July to September in a search for better (any) wind.

The race is open to any and all sailboats. Just check-in with the race committee, on City Dock, before noon.

The race Course will round most of the marks in Port Townsend Bay for about 13 nm.

This will appeal to those requesting longer courses and those longing for PHRF starts (and those that have admitted they like dock starts).

No need to hunt for a link to the Sailing Instructions, they are right below. A printable PDF is here tourdebay2019 SI’s

PTSA “Tour-de-Bay” Race – Sept. 21 st. 2019

Sailing Instructions

The regular PTSA Series Sailing Instructions for 2019, published on will apply except as modified here. PHRF handicaps will be used.


All boats are to check in with the Race Committee on City Dock prior to the Alert signal. Boats that have not regularly raced with PTSA are requested to provide Boat Name, Sail Number (if any), Skippers Name and PHRF rating (if known). Boats without a rating will be assigned a temporary one.

The Course

The course will be displayed on the letter board as usual and, depending on the wind, will include most of the permanent marks on the “Marks and their Labels” sheet and the “Approximate Mark locations” chart.


Mark H is the most Northerly of the mooring buoys at Fort Townsend State Park. Mark M is the most Northerly of the mooring buoys at Fort Worden State Park. They are both close to shallow water, and there may be boats moored to them. Watch for tenders in the area.

Pre-Start Announcements

Three long horn blasts indicate the RC will be making an announcement by loudhailer and/or VHF Ch 68. Be a sport and check that your neighbors are aware of the information.

The Start

The S/F line runs from the NE corner of City Dock to the course side of mark C, which serves as the pin. There will be one start, the Class flag is A and the Sequence begins at Noon.

Altering/Shortening Course

The course set will require competitors to round Mark C at least once during the race. If at that time the S flag is displayed on City Dock, boats will be finished as they round C. If the C flag is displayed, with occasional horn blasts to draw attention, the course has been CHANGED. Check the course letters on the pierhead.


The Finish line will be the same as the start line.

Time Limit

Five Hours.

Have fun and be safe

If in doubt, give way. Also, a 360 later deemed unnecessary, scores much better than a DSQ.