McCurdy Point Race, 2019 – Addendum to PTSA Sailing Instructions

SCHEDULE – Saturday April 20st. The Warning Signal will be at 12:00 hrs. from City Dock.

RULES – As in 2019 Sailing Instructions for PTSA Races except as amended herein.

COURSE – Cross Start line at City Dock towards NE. Round the McCurdy Point Buoy (Red, #4) to Port. Cross the Finish line at City Dock towards SW. The Red Pt. Hudson Bell Buoy #2 is to be left to shore-ward as usual. The Red #6 buoy North of Pt Wilson is to be left to Starboard when Westbound and to Port on return. Course distance is 11.4 nm.

CLASSES – All boats will start together and race with a PHRF handicap.

IDENTIFICATION – All boats, especially visitors, check in with the RC at the City Dock before the start to make sure their PHRF rating is recorded.

SHORTENED COURSE – There is no provision for shortening course. However, if conditions make it advisable to round Red Buoy #6 and return, participants should reach agreement on VHF Ch. 68 before the first boat reaches that point. Notify the RC of the course change when reporting finish time.

TIME LIMIT – There is no time limit.

FINISH TIMES – The finish will be unmanned. Each boat will record their finish time, preferably to the second (use GPS or cell phone time) and note the names of the nearest boats ahead of, and astern of them (if visible). This information is to be e-mailed within 48 hrs to or DNF will be assumed.

REQUESTS BY USCG – (extra requirements for the race permit).

— All vessels must be aware of COLREGS Rule 10 (Traffic Separation Schemes) and must comply with such regardless of their competitive position at the time.

— Particular caution is to be used headed outbound in the Southbound VTS lane. Any boat impeding Commercial traffic is to be DSQ. A boat may use her motor for avoidance provided she does not

improve her competitive position.

— All vessels should monitor VHF Ch. 05A.