Just in case you haven’t read the PTSA Sailing Instructions lately, I will from time-to-time highlight a small section in easily digestible pieces.  Today’s excerpt is about the start/finish line and when you can and can’t go across it in a race.


Except when starting or finishing a race or completing a lap of a multi-lap course (or using “F” as a designated rounding mark)  DO NOT cross the START/FINISH line on ANY other leg of the course.


All courses are to be sailed once around, except when a numeral, such as “2”, follows the designation of a course.  In a multi-lap race all boats MUST pass through the S/F line at the END of EACH LAP of the course but NOT on  any of the intermediate legs.  The Race Committee records each boat’s time for each lap in case all the laps are not completed.

Now you know.  See you on the race course.