Let's get a turnout like this!

Let’s get a turnout like this!

Only two weeks to the Tour-de-Bay Race.

On Saturday May 30 th. we will start at City Dock at 11:45 am. and sail a 13 -15 nm. course back to the dock, depending on the wind.  The course rounds almost all of the permanent and temporary marks listed on “Marks and their Labels” at least once, hence the trip around the bay that some have been lobbying for.  You should check you have the latest edition of Marks and their Labels and the Mark Location diagram aboard – you can download them from the “racing” tab above.  Also have  writing materials aboard as there will be a lot of letters on the reader board.

There will, of course, be a party afterwards for the usual bragging, commiserating, making of  excuses and cursing of bad luck.

There will be a short skipper’s meeting at 10 am. in the courtyard of the NW Maritime Center to explain a few changes to the regular sailing  instructions.