Simple, easy and relatively inexpensive to get into, RC sailing can be a lot of fun. Now, a fleet of T37’s from Tippecanoe Boats is starting up in Port Townsend. The new fleet plans to race locally, but other fleets are active in Port Madison, Seattle and Bellingham. The Seattle Yacht Club and Port Madison Yacht Club and West Vancouver yacht Club all have impressive fleets of T37s now.

Our understanding is that 9 boats are on order already and the plan is to start a regular local race series. Note that this is a plywood kit boat that needs to be assembled and finished. Here’s some  Orders should be in by the end of the month to qualify for the special pricing. More specific boat, radio and ordering instructions as well as the local PT contact, Michael Machette, below.

1) There are 2 basic boats:  the standard model and the racing model, both come with the standard with FM transmitter.

2) the standard boat is $230 (discounted from $265) plus tax.

3) the racing version is $290 (discounted from $334) plus tax. The racing upgrade (included at $69) includes carbon fiber (stiff) mast, booms, more powerful servo for the sails, boom vang system.

4)  You should order the 2.4 GHz digital transmitter with 4 channels (+$15) or 6 channels (+$30), especially if you intend to use it with other RC models (gliders, etc).  The standard 75 MHz FM transmitter works fine, but its older technology and only has 30 channels.  The digital transmitters have longer range and work on up to 1000 channels, so there is rarely any conflict with other boats.  This upgrade is well worth it (a no brainer).

4) Most of us thought the racing version with the +$15 transmitter for a total of $305 plus tax is the way to go.  Dick Kutsch and Alan Greenwald both upgraded their boat’s racing rig and transmitters after Will’s presentation on Sat.

5) Sail colors:  If you pick white and white, good luck finding your boat in a group of other boats.  17 sail colors are available, see the swatch I’ve attached.  A colored jib and white main seems to be the choice of most sailors but with 17 colors you have 289 combinations.  Go nuts.

6) Other options:  Varnish kit ($16.50), veneer decking kit ($12.50, lots of 1/4″ strips), table stand ($15.50) or wall stand ($12.50) all available now or later (you pay shipping later).

7)  By the time we order, the boats will come with the new watertight hatch cover (no additional cost).  Sail numbers are currently at about 1525 and counting.

Michael Machette
Port Townsend, WA
360 531-2441c
Order form:

___   Standard boat: $230

___   Racing boat:    $290

Sail colors: (see swatch colors and names)

____________________  Jib

____________________  Main


____  Standard (no charge)

____  4 ch. Digital (+$15)

____  6 ch. Digital (+$30)

____  6 ch. Digital (+$75, not recommended for cost/benefit)

Other options/accessories:

___   Varnish kit ($16.50

___   Veneer decking kit ($12.50

___   Metal table stand ($15.50)

___   Metal wall stand ($12.50)


___   Subtotal

___   Tax (8.4% on subtotal)

____  Total  (Make checks out to Tippecanoe Boats)