Change in the Sailing Instructions for the Summer Series

We apologize if we confused some of you by naming the temporary tetrahedron mark off the ferry dock “K”. Even though we have never used the “K” for Kala Point mark, it is still on the course map that way and I should have thought of that. So to correct the problem, we have renamed the temporary tet mark that is usually placed out from the ferry dock “D”. D for Don’t Go There (or D for the people who did go there.) The D mark can also be used as a rounding mark if it keeps racers away from the ferry dock, in which case it will be indicated on the letter board which way to round it. So, in short:

Mark D must be kept to shore ward or passed as shown on the letter board.

Independently of the presence or absence of “D”, all racers are to keep at least 100 yards clear of the ferry and ferry dock at all times.

There is a link to the revised Course Key and Marks and Their Labels in the blue box to the left.