Sweet Destiny, once the bow crossbeam failed, the rig came down

SWEET DESTINY, once the bow crossbeam failed, the rig came down

Tied to the linear dock near the bottom of the ramp, SWEET DESTINY doesn’t look so sweet any more and her destiny looks more than a little uncertain.

On the day I walked by a couple were hauling off bits and pieces from the once handsome Kennex 380 catamaran. The story I heard was that SWEET DESTINY was tied to mooring ball, the storm hit, the cat parted from the mooring and went into the Port Hadlock Marina breakwater. Once the front cross beam failed, the rig came down. For far too long the boat must have ground up against the breakwater as there appears to be considerable damage all around the boat, in fact it is impressive that she is still floating on her lines. The starboard sacrificial bow has been sacrificed, the rig is down, the front beam is gone, the hull scarred, the rear hull-to-deck joint is visible, part of the aft port hull looks broken. SWEET DESTINY had a rough ride.

Now the owner, Aaron Tinling, is trying to figure out what comes next. He’s not sure if he can afford to fix her back up as even an uneducated and quick look suggests it is going to take someone with heavy skills or a good stack of boat bucks.

Maybe that’s you. Maybe you have an idea how to make it happen. Maybe SWEET DESTINY’s destiny will work out just fine. Give Aaron a call at (360) 531-1208.

Time to check your dock lines.