That was fun.

It’s tough to say goodbye to another season of racing on the Bay. What did you learn out on the water? What thoughts are you carrying around in your head as to how you plan to improve next year? We’d love to hear from you.

In cruising the web I came across this season end summary which expresses my experience in 2010.

… the challenges in the sport of sailing present themselves in different forms and at times when you least expect it, and regardless of how much effort you put forward, there are no guarantees to success.  In the past year, there were events and races where it seemed where we could do no wrong, and there were other times, where you wonder after 20+ years of competing on the water, how can you be so far off from where the leaders are.  But I guess it is a combination of the two that make this sport so great; when you reach your goals, there is no better feeling, and when you get kicked around and come up short, you are left with a hungry feeling to not let it happen again.  There was a good mix of both feelings in 2010, and the lesson learned is to not get too high when things go well because you are always one mistake away from a shocker, and don’t get too low when you have a tough day on the water…the next race is just around the corner and anything can happen.