From Bertram Levy with minor edits

The document below is from Port of Port Townsend, Deputy Director, Jim Pivarnik.  It includes an introduction by Jim, followed by a chart which sets out two possible approaches to the redistribution of rates for moorage in the Boat Haven.  The staff recommendation is in the columns on the right and is contingent upon a $40 “base charge”.

Please note that as Jim points out that this is only a draft. Neither formula has been adopted by the Commission.  I think that a decision on rate redistribution will be made after the 2011 budget is adopted.

Also, please notify the membership that a draft budget for 2011 is being considered by the Commission.  Copies are available on-line and in the office at Point Hudson.  The public hearing on the budget will be at the Commission’s regular meeting on October 27.  Adoption will be in November.

from Jim Pivarnik

IMPORTANT! The following is a DRAFT, generated by staff and has not been vetted or adopted by the Commission

The Chart Below represents staffs work on the re-distribution of moorage rates at Boat Haven. It was developed under the direction of the Commission to establish what the present marina would generate income wise, if full, using present rates. Then redistribute that amount to the new facility fully occupied. In essence there would be no rate increase overall but larger slips would pay more and smaller less based on a sq foot model.


Using present rates the old marina would generate $925,000 net to the Port (this figure does not include leasehold tax; however rates in the chart do include tax to show total cost to tenants.

The formula for slips would be the width of the slip times the length of the boat or slip whichever is longer. The Linear dock formula would be different, using boat width X boat length to determine sq feet. Because we don’t really know how big the boats will be on the linier dock we have used $10,000 per month as an income figure. (historically this has been true.)

What the chart depicts is that we have two proposals the first set of figures represent what current charges are. The second set of columns depicts what a straight sq foot model would be to generate $925,000. The third set of columns depicts a sq foot rate assuming a $40 fee for all boat owners plus an additional sq foot formula… This is the formula that staff prefers because it spread the load out more and does collect a small fee for common areas, such as parking, and restrooms.

Remember this is only a draft!

To download this spreadsheet in Excel format click here.