Racing is done for the year but the fun isn’t over yet. The end of year party will be held on Thursday November 14th at 6pm at the Cotton building (607 Water Street in PT). It is a potluck. Please bring a main and a side dish to share. Don’t worry about paper plates and plastic cutlery. they will be provided.  A fine selection of beer and wine will be available.

There will be awards, to be presented in an exciting new format.

We are going to have elections.  The proposed slate of officers: President – Jim Heumann, Vice President – Heidi Eisenhour, Secretary – Steve Scharf, Treasurer – Johns Lynes.  At-large positions: Doug Jones (PHRF fleet rep), Dave Burrows (race committee), Piper Dunlap, Stig Osterberg, Jeff Brantley, and Joe Daubenberger.  However, more help is needed!  If you want to get involved or to run for one these positions let us know at

There will also be a general discussion of PTSA operations to help in planning for next year. Topics to include length of each race series, preferred race days, race courses, distance races, and PHRF races. We will also talk about the new container clubhouse and how it will be used.

Please attend! It will be fun and you can help set direction for next year