Ted Pike

Ted Pike

Ted Pike came across this fun regatta format during a stay in Southern California where it is popular, and he believed it would translate to our area. He enthusiastically introduced it to the PTSA board and was actively planning for it (and had it put on this years schedule) when he passed. All the details are included in the attached Sailing Instructions but an overview of the concept will help understanding.

The Ted Pike Memorial Regatta is open to all Port Townsend Sailing Association members and invited guests. The regatta begins with the boats anchored, with sails furled, off the beach South of the Marine Science Center (yachts must be properly anchored, with sails secured by approximately 12:00 noon). The Skipper alone (or approved designee) will come ashore (by unspecified, non-powered, means) and will deposit an entry fee of One fifth of quality rum into the Regatta Keg on the beach. This is the only race of the year where a yacht’s handicap may depend on the quality of the entry fee. The Race Committee has latitude in assessing penalties and time awards for the quality of seamanship or originality in costume and beach access. After acceptance of the entry fees, the Sailing Instructions are reviewed and skippers are informed of the Course to be raced. The Course, which obviously depends on wind conditions, is intended to be long and complex enough for the crews to display their competence to the full on all points of sail, in and out of strong tidal current. On the starting signal the skippers return to their boats to up-anchor, raise sail and sail the course (no motors). When the course has been completed by each boat, it approaches the beach South of The Northwest Maritime Center (will not anchor) and a crew member will come ashore, with their own cup, to test the blend of brandy in the keg. The draining and inverting of their cup sets their boat’s finish time for the race.

The race is followed by a raft-up (optional) of the fleet in Point Hudson (see regatta format document below) followed by the Awards Ceremony starting at 17:30 up at the North West Maritime Center. Bring your own food and drink, we will provide BBQ Grill. Here crews reflect on the race (embellish the “truth”), critique each others’ performance and garb and awards are given and received while the remainder of the rum in the keg disappears into some of the finest rum drinks to be found.

All of the details and the entry form can be found in the documents below.

Ted Pike Regatta Instructions 2016
Ted Pike Regatta Format 2016
Ted Pike Regatta Entry 2016
Ted Pike Regatta Courses 2016