Inspired by the Seahawk’s win in the NFC Championship game, Jonathan McKee draws some lesson we can use on the race course.


Monday, Jan. 19
Sometimes inspiration and truth can come from unexpected sources. I am referring of course to the Seattle Seahawks amazing come from behind victory over Green Bay in the NFC Championship last night! Of course I am a Seahawks fan, as every red-blooded Seattleite is. But even if I wasn’t, there were some relevant lessons. Number one: Never give up! Even as they were playing terrible throughout most of the game, even as the game seemed out of reach with five minutes left, they never relented. They just kept playing, kept pushing, and just when it seemed impossible, the game turned around.

Number two: Keep playing as a team. There is a tendency when the chips are down to try to do something special as an individual. We have all felt that. But in the end, we don’t know who the hero is going to be. So we need to continue to trust our mates, and believe that as a team, we can still do it. Have your teammates’ back and keep doing your job.

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