T37 racing at Port Ludlow

T37’s racing at Port Ludlow

It was a beautiful day to be on the water’s edge. The forecast proved out as advertised: 5-8 knots of steady (±) wind, nearly 70° and lots of sun. We had a small showing; maybe summer vacations are taking their toll. Nevertheless it was a good regatta and fun was had. Plenty of visitors and some expressions of interest, so maybe we’ll continue to see fleet growth (42 fleet members now).

Since both fleets were small, we started them together and ran 12 races in our 2 hour window. It was a mix of single and double lappers, enough of a mixed course to confuse some sailors. Peggy Steward, crew for #2067, ran the crocodile and called the start line for me—thanks Peggy. Bill Wilson graciously supplied the marks in Doug Huber’s absence. Bill Whitney became a charter member; thanks for the Jackson ($20) which helps keep our fleet piggy bank afloat.

A fleet competition was fierce, with the first three sailors each winning multiple races. But as usual, he who has the most firsts usually wins, and this time it was recent B fleet graduate arm PTSA sailor John Lynes (#2241). John was consistent with 5 firsts and 3 seconds (after throwaways). Close behind was Tom Condon of Bainbridge with 3 bullets and a bunch of seconds. PTYC sailor Dan Newland followed in third, even though we won four races. Yes, tightly raced gentleman. Kevin McDonald of Suquamish, who seemed to like beaching his boat today, filled in the rear but attested to having had lots of fun. For the season, Lynes is in first (2 races) and Darrow and Condon are tied for second (each with only one race).

In the B fleet, Port Ludlowites Bill Wilson and Chuck Steward (in his second T37 race ever), duked it out. Bill prevailed in first, but only by one point. Chuck sailed consistently, but had his share of bumping incidents. Beware, your honeymoon is about over. Phil had less than a good day, and hung it up about half way through. For the season, Wilson is in first, Huber is in second and Steward is in third (the tie is broken by Doug’s better “best” result).

Our next regatta is at Port Hadlock on Sat. July 5 at 1 pm during a moderate tide. We’re likely to be at the Public Dock with a kayak and offshore marks. If you get a chance to come, please do because we’ll probably lose some boats/sailors to the long weekend.