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Aug 26 2013 in Currents, Seamanship by Deane Hislop

Several years ago, a friend and I were cruising along about six miles northwest of Seiku on the Washington coast, enjoying a leisurely day of fishing.

We were slamming bottomfish and after icing our limits, we called it a day and set course for the dock. We were a mile and a half from shore when we were suddenly hailed on the VHF.

“Motor vessel Easy Goin’, this is the U.S. Coast Guard,” the voice said. “Please switch and answer Channel 22 alpha.”

I switched the channel and replied, “U.S. Coast Guard, this is the motor vessel Easy Goin’, over.”

“Good morning sir. Have you ever been boarded by the Coast Guard?”

“Good morning, and no, I have not been boarded by the Coast Guard.”

“Very good, sir. We will be coming aboard now to inspect your vessel.”

In my many years of boating, this was my first encounter with the U.S. Coast Guard. The whole inspection lasted 30 minutes and the officers were friendly, courteous and professional the entire time.

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