Win a Lifesling by practicing two MOB drills

Boating safety is a concern to all sailors and in an effort to promote safety; the PTSA is encouraging the entire fleet to practice man-over-board drills.

During the spring and summer race series all boats which complete the man-over-board drills and watch the LIFESLING video will be eligible to win a new LIFESLING (value $150, compliments of PTSA and West Marine)

Of the two drills, the skipper can be at the helm during one of the retrievals. The second drill should be run by a member of the crew. It is recommended that all members of the crew watch the video prior to the drill.

For the drill, if you don’t have a LIFESLING, please contact Ed Edwards at (360) 301-1386 to arrange a loaner.

Experience has shown that physically getting the victim back on board can be the most difficult and hazardous part of the drill. Each boat and crew will need to develop their own boat specific procedure.

If you don’t have a willing victim to jump into the water, we do have several volunteers who are available. Contact Ed Edwards at (360) 301-1386 to make arrangements. Upon completion of watching the video and completing two drills (live victim not mandatory), contact Ed to enter the drawing for the LIFESLING. The drawing will be after the summer Cats Paw Series.

The LIFESLING video can be seen through the link at our web site or on You Tube here. The best video is the “LIFESLING 2011” by the Sailing Foundation.

On the behalf of PTSA, always think safety.