MARTHA's in the Boat Haven yard getting a new keel, rudder and foremast.

A lot!  But the biggest thing missing is the  keel, which was removed early in January. MARTHA is in the Shipwright’s Coop building across from Admiral Marine Supply undergoing restoration, the largest part of which is the rebuilding of a new lead keel. Robert D’Arcy is leading the project with the help of numerous local marine tradesmen and volunteers. Meanwhile, over in the Northwest Maritime Center’s boat shop, a new foremast is being built for MARTHA under the guidance of Steve Chapin.  Both the keel and the mast are works of art, combining old world woodworking knowledge with modern CAD design tools and machinery.  These are arts that are practiced by very few tradesmen in this day and age. Port Townsend is one of the few locations in the world that can craft these  kinds of projects.

If you arfe interested in volunteering time, money, or a few hours of work, contact Holly at 360-385-2150. You can truly say that you were a part of historty by working on this project.

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