A quick update on our sailing team from coach Erik Coburn. As always, your financial support helps make it possible.

We went up to Doublehand District Champs with the high school team and had a good showing.

Varsity got a 4th out of 12 and we displaced one of the perennial powerhouses by 27 points over 24 races. We were 10 points out of 3rd. The 1st place team was head and shoulders above everyone but we had the youngest team by far, with two sophs vs all seniors in the top 5 teams besides us. We had a weird protest that had we won we might have tied for 3rd on points but I hadn’t figured out if we would have won the tie breaker. Dick Rose was the committee so no arguing with him!!! No worries anyway because only the winner goes to Nationals.

JV was good – we got a 3rd out of 14, including 4 bullets in all of his 4 races Sunday

All in all, probably the best showing by PT in 5 years and I think we are only going to go up. All the powerhouse teams are taking notice, asking the age of my sailors and acting concerned when I tell them they are young, didn’t grow up doing youth circuit, etc. We have built a good culture and it should get better.