Take a look at Jeanne’s log at Sailing Yacht Nereida on Livejournal. Amazing. She’s back to rounding Cape Horn. From her log ….

“Wednesday 5th January…. Slowly we righted and soon after I looked to see what damage there was – clearly there was some – no instruments, for a start!.. but I could not budge the hatch to open it – try as might…! I had to climb out of the aft cabin hatch to access the cockpit – which I’d already seen enough of to realize the boom was broken in half and the canopy/dodger over the companionway was missing, along with its framework ….. there was safety glass everywhere. I soon realized why the hatch wouldn’t slide open – the halyard bag full of heavy wet lines, was lying on top and was soon removed along with several lines lying loose… Going down below, I noticed the perspex hatch was cracked in half vertically – a worry if we should ever get pooped. Next, I got the instruments working – a connection in the aft cabin had been hit by flying/sliding objects…”

“Thursday 6th January…. I’m also looking forward now to rounding Cape Horn in daylight and in good conditions! The reason for heaving to in the strong winds and big seas of Wednesday was to let that system pass so as to be on the shallow shelf near the Horn in reasonable conditions – now and for the next two days. Should be at Horn around 1400Z on 7th and in to Beagle Channel early on 8th Jan. – have slowed down to avoid arriving too early in morning but looks as though I’ll need to anchor for a few hours at least…….”