Annual PTSA Dues: What are they for?

Beer can racing on D dock

After the race get together on D dock

…our annual dues allow us to organize, advertise,  and operate races as a cohesive group of enthusiastic Port Townsend sailors. They pay for liability insurance, membership in professional associations, our business license, website, and bouy/marker rent with Washington Department of Natural Resources. Dues also pay for boat fuel and snacks for our amazing volunteer race committee….Here’s a list of our expenses for the 2010 racing season:

  1. $990 liability insurance
  2. $25 PT business license
  3. $175 annual membership, Pac Intl Yacht Club
  4. $250 annual membership US Sailing
  5. $143 Website
  6. $100 DNR bouy bedland rental

Grand Total $1,683. We can anticipate $900 or so for snacks and boat fuel for our happy, patient race committee.

Last year we organized more than two dozen races on the bay, and consistently saw 15-20 boats on the starting line…a pretty good deal…$2500 for a summer of spectaclular racing on Port Townsend Bay….

We hope you will join us….

Your PTSA Board of Directors (all volunteers, of course!)

Click here to download a PTSA Membership Application

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