New, Large 2015 Thunderbird Regional Gallery

Steve Scharf’s large on-the-water gallery of 74 terrific pictures of the 2015 Thunderbird Regional Regatta.

Tight racing to weather in the 2015 Thunderbird Regional Regatta. Photo by Steve Scharf.

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Leeward Mark Rounding, Thunderbird Regional

Thanks to Satch Yarbrough for sending along this video of one of the leeward mark rounding at the Thunderbird Regional Regatta, and a number of pics from the same rounding that have been added to the earlier T-bird Regional photo’s post.

Photos from the T-Bird Regionals

Thanks to Wendy Feltham and Steve Scharf for these pictures of the 2015 Thunderbird Northwest Regional Regatta. Hopefully, more photos will be coming in soon. Click on any image to open the viewer.

Thunderbird NW Regional Results

2015 Thunderbird Northwest Regional Regatta BoatSail NumberTotal ScoreFinal Order PREDATOR1256231 THUNDERBABY1266232 FANDANGO9303 BLEW BIRD1144324 SELCHIE101435 RAVEN1190456 DORADO242557 HAVOC1019778 THATUNA542829 BOREAS1739310 SWAN10069311 FLAIR59511212 KOLUS110611313 SEAHAWK15811314 ROWDY84011515 CAVEAT24312216 MABUHAY94412917

To see a photo of the PRO’s scoring sheet click here

T-Bird Regionals A Big Success

The starting line got crowded with 17 boats fighting for a spot. Photo by Steve Scharf.

A total of 17 T-Birds showed up for a really fun weekend of Thunderbird style one-design racing at Fleet 33’s Northwest Regional Regatta. What they got was a big does of fun and a little of everything else: […]

Thunderbird Northwest Regional Regatta – Saturday and Sunday

With up to 15 boats expected for the T-Bird regional regatta this Friday and Saturday, September 5th and 6th, the Bay promises to be filled with action. Just to get the mood going, a video of the 2012 Thunderbird Internationals.

2014 PNW Thunderbird Regionals

Close racing as the Tbirds head downwind. Photo by Piper Dunlap

2014 Thunderbird Regional Competition – Port Townsend August 30-31, story by Mike Dotson

Sniffing out the wind…

Port Townsend Bay is an amazing race venue with spectacular views… and consequently a nice place to wait for the wind to blow. And there was […]

Heresy! Modify a T-Bird?

Does This Make Sense?

Down in Australia some kids who didn’t know any better cut the cabin off their T-Bird in an effort to make it more race friendly. Looks pretty good from that aspect but not as comfortable to cruise. Wait a minute, they’re already too fast.


Ahhh shorts, I remember those – Sailing Thunderbird Sailboats {in the summer}

more summer T-Bird sailing photos here ….