More Spin Trim Tips From Down Under

Tony Bull looks at the fine-tune controls used to fly a symmetrical spinnaker off a pole, first published on Australian Sailing.

When a complete novice first steps on board a racing yacht, invariably the first response is amazement at the number of sheets and lines that run along the deck and up the mast. They […]

Finding the Hot Angle Downwind

Pole forward looking for the fast line.

Another interesting post from the Australian sailing site,

Figuring out how high to heat up your downwind angle is confusing. It feels better to get the boat moving, but after watching DORADO point right at the mark and get there first, […]

Spinnaker Takedowns

We’ve been working on our spinnaker takedowns this year and made some good progress. We’ve become pretty comfortable with the floater, the stretch-and-blow, and our favorite this spring, the windward. Timing has been another issue, a couple of time we got a little greedy and waited too long resulting in sailing well past the Tower.


Goals for the coming season

I bet there’s more than one boat that has a goal for the coming season of doing a better job handling their spinnaker. Here’s an interesting video of Philippe Kahn’s crew practicing jibes in a Mumm 30. Lots of things to learn watching this clip.