Distance Series – McCurdy Point Race, 2019

Before the start the wind was varying between 340° & 010°M, 2 – 5 kts. By the start the wind had steadied on 330° and built to 6 – 7 kts with the occasional gust to 9. It was sunny and warm, a beautiful day for a race.

Unfortunately, as the fleet was approaching McCurdy Point, the wind died to the point that they were unable to progress against the building flood. Nobody finished.

Next up in the  Distance Series is the ever popular P to P race and party on May 18/19 weekend (more…)

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April Whitecap Series 2019 – PHRF Race 3, Results and Standings

The Committee Boat was suffering from an electrical malaise. The start was from the dock, where the wind was from NW, variable at 3 – 5 kts. A multi-leg course, SYTCBF (5.86 nm.), was posted, each leg being on a different point of sail and the course having the ability to be shortened at C should the wind die. SY was a reach along the waterfront,  YT almost directly downwind, TC was a port tack fetch (except for the last 1/4 mile when boats were increasingly headed. CB was an increasingly close reach with the tide, while the leg to the finish was with the tide and was also an increasingly close reach. During the race the wind at the dock grew to 9 kts but from observation, while variable it was not of this strength over most of the course. (more…)

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April Whitecap Series 2019 – Thunderbird Race 3 Results

The intent was to run two races with short legs and plenty of mark roundings to emphasize close tactical sailing. The wind while setting up the course was 3 – 4 kts from the Southeast.  Temporary mark W was set towards Indian Island and the S/F line set about 1/3 nm to the NW of it. Course SWFWF was posted. By start time the wind had risen to 4 -6 kts. and by the first return to F there were gusts to 9 kts. Then the wind began to veer and soften, and after the finish, moved to the NW and died. The planned second race was forestalled by the fleet returning to harbor. (more…)

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Distance Race Series 2019 – Bush Point Results

Four boats came out in the face of a forecast for a Southerly gale. The wind at  City Dock after the start was coming from 175°M at 13 Kts. with gusts to 16. Reportedly, after the boats rounded Marrowstone Point they found 30+ kt. southerly winds and 3 foot seas. Magic Bus retired with a broken main halyard. Knot Raven, equipped with reef points, wisely retired, apparently before breaking anything. Owl did not report a finish..

Distance Series 2019

Bush Point Race

Information is provisional and subject to modification
Regatta results saved: Monday, April 15, 2019 8:01:57 PM PDT


Start Date/Time = Saturday, April 13, 2019    10:09:00.0,     Length (nm) = 14.90

Pos Sail Boat Skipper Rating Finish
Adjust. Pts
1 18944 Sir Isaac Bailey, John 93 1 12:41:34.0 00:23:05.7 02:09:28.3 00:00:00.0 1.0
DNF 549 Knot Raven Bolling, Brian 198 DNF No Time 00:49:10.2 No Time No Time DNF 5.0T
DNF 643 Owl Dunning, Dale 198 DNF No Time 00:49:10.2 No Time No Time DNF 5.0T
DNF 1069 Magic Bus Dunlap, Piper 198 DNF No Time 00:49:10.2 No Time No Time DNF 5.0T


(1) Scoring System is ISAF Low Point 2017-2020
(2) RRS A9 (Series Longer than a Regatta) is in effect.
(3) Time limit expired (TLE) penalty is: Finishers plus 1

Information is provisional and subject to modification. Principal Race Officer: Dave B

Version 7.5.5: Scoring by JavaScore, Open Source available at http://www.gromurph.org/javascore

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April Whitecap Series, 2019 – PHRF Race 2

This was yet another drifter, but much better attended than last week. The wind was steadily from 350°M which made C & G the only usable W/L permanent marks. The CB set the S/F line between them near the middle of the bay where the wind was strongest, at 2 – 3 kts., occasionally 4+. Course SCFGF was posted which allowed for shortening course on the downwind leg. The wind became increasingly light and fluky as the fleet approached C and then, except for the odd cat’s paw, died. There was still a little wind at the CB, enough to fill the Chutes of those who managed to reach it. The course was shortened, to 1.44 nm., at the CB but only four boats managed to cross the line within the time limit (the fourth was exactly, to the second, 20 mins. behind the first). The rest were not even close or had given up trying.


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April Whitecap Series, 2019, Thunderbird – Race 2 Results

Before The Start

This week’s race was unusual in that the wind at the committee boat was, with minor variations, steadily from 270°M for the whole race, while its velocity rose slowly from 11 – 12 kts. to 13 – 15 kts. Course SYTF (3.4 nm.) aligned perfectly for windward/leeward. At the start much of the fleet gathered at the pin end of the line (it was slightly favored) leaving plenty of maneuvering room and clear air for the rest. On the first leg the right side of the course proved the better. The downwind leg was reported as boring. The wind in the vicinity of the Tower was fairly steady but had backed enough that the final leg appeared to be a Port Tack fetch until close to the finish. The currents around the tower were reported as troublesome. As would be expected in steady conditions, racing was close with five boats crossing the line in 2 minutes. (more…)

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WBF Shipwright’s Race – 2019

We had a very fortunate weather window for this year’s Shipwright’s Regatta:-  no rain, reasonably steady 11 knot SSE wind, and temperatures soaring into the mid 40’s.

26 boats registered, 20 participated and 18 finished. The course was twice around a roughly 2 mile triangle.


Perpetual Awards

  • -The First Wooden Boat to Start and the First Wooden Boat to Finish. ———- 505, Zaya,
  • -The Last Boat to Finish. —————- Gloucester Gull Dory, Taswens
  • -The Best use of Misspent Energy. (For only managing to start after a few boats had finished the first lap). —————- Stephanie E
  • -The First Boat to Finish in B Class. —————-  Erin.
  • -The Van Hope Community Award for the most pickup crew. ———— Norma Mae.
  • -The very young were left at home so that award went to the Oldest Crew. ————- Erin. (Thanks to Jim Blaiklock)
  • (My apologies for mistaking Taswens and Stephanie E at yesterdays awards.)


Results by Class

A (Racing) Start time 12:05

  1. Zaya ——————-12:39:56
  2. Sir Isaac ————-12:50:46
  3. Lucky —————–12:51:22
  4. Sparkle ————–12:54:07
  5. Tanya Lee ———-13:10:58

B (Cruising) Start time 12:10

  1. Erin ——————- 13:05:00
  2. Norma Mae ——-13:05:45
  3. Ariel of Victoria- 13:11:18
  4. Able —————— 13:12:22
  5. Swell Dancer —- 13:20:19
  6. Noddy ————– 13:37:09
  7. Taswens ———– 13:40:02
  8. Stephanie E —— DNF
  9. Grin ——————-DNF

T-birds Start time 12:15

  1. Raven ————— 13:01:40
  2. Owl —————— 13:02:13
  3. Mabuhay ———- 13:02:33
  4. Thatuna ————13:04:50
  5. Coco Solo ——— 13:04:55
  6. Knot Raven —— 13:05:56
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Fall Nightcap Series 2018 – Races 6A & 6B and Final Standings


For the last afternoon of racing this year, the wind forecasts agreed on 6 mph. SE moving to SSE and adding rain as the afternoon progressed. Any forecast with an E in it is a worry for the RC when planning a course. If the wind is light it may die and slowly, but steadily, back to NW, if it is stronger and more established it may be unstable and oscillating by ±25° or more, or it may be wildly erratic. (more…)

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