Next up – Fall Nightcap Series

After a not so restful break, and to greet the equinox, the Fall Nightcap Series begins this Saturday (Sept. 22). Jazz will be CB. Start at Noon.

The dates for the rest of the series are on the calendar (right hand column of this page, or click on calendar tab).


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The Ted Pike Memorial Regatta – Next Saturday

Next Saturday, August 18 th., is the third Ted Pike Memorial Regatta. Here PTSA celebrates and honors Ted’s life and contributions to the sailing community.

The format of this regatta is as unique as Ted was. The key features are:-

● 12:00 – Boats arrive and anchor off the beach in starting area.

● 12:15 – Skippers arrive on beach by any un-motorized means.

Entry Fee of one (1) fifth of good quality Rum deposited in keg. (Non alcoholic beverage OK if necessary).

Racing and Cruising classes assigned.

PHRF ratings invented for those without. Modified for various excuses.

Courses announced.

● 12:30 – Start with Skippers on beach, boats anchored out.

Get to boat and sail off anchor.

● Race around and out of bay (4.0 hr time limit).

Challenging Course. (Dependent on conditions).

● Finish by any Crew Member reaching the beach to test rum in keg (or alternate beverage).

●16:30 – Awards and party at the Schooner Martha Boat-shop (Port Hudson).

As the keg gets emptier the lies and excuses get greater.


Registration Forms, Sailing Instructions, and Courses are available right here.




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Distance Race #4 – TOUR-de-BAY, This Sunday.

The TOUR-de-BAY Distance Race is this Sunday, July 29 th.

This race provides a challenging change from short W/L courses.

An approximately 15 nm. course, depending on wind, set inside the bay.

With multiple legs varying from .5 to 3 nm., using all points of sail, in and out of current.

Every sailboat welcome, with or without a PHRF rating.

Start from City Dock at noon.

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McCurdy Point Distance Race This Saturday

Due to the unsteady weather this time of year, and following the rugged conditions experienced in last year’s Protection Is. race and especially the Smith Is. race, they have been merged, this year, into the McCurdy Point race, which is shorter and in more sheltered waters.  It is our desire for the crews to return happy, and on boats that are unbroken.  It is just the beginning of the season.

The Race start is from City Dock at 09:00 Saturday 04/14.  If it mostly floats, has sails and we can guess at a PHRF number, you are heartily invited to join in.

A printable PDF of the Sailing Instructions Addendum is here – McCurdyPt SI’si.  It’s only one page so you can give one to each of your crew for a teachable moment.

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Reminder – Fall Nightcap Series Starts Saturday

Recapture the Excitement

Recapture the excitement.

After the successful Spring and Summer Series, with unusually cooperative winds and sunshine, and some ruggedly exciting distance races; this is your final opportunity this season to apply your skills and knowledge and possibly climb the podium at the Awards Party on Nov. 18 th.

The Fall Nightcap series is scheduled for every Saturday from Sept. 23 rd. through Nov. 4 th.  and everyone is invited, just check-in at the Committee Boat or City Dock (For those new to our racing, the Sailing Instructions are on this site under the Racing tab, here). The start is at 13:00 hrs. (PDT ends  Nov 5 th so no finishing in the dark).

Remember, if Gale Warnings are in place, Skippers meet at the CB around 11:30 hrs. to discuss the situation and advise the Race Committee of their desire to race under the existing and forecast wind and sea conditions.

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Ted Pike Memorial Regatta 2017

Entries are already coming in for this year’s race.  It’s out of the ordinary, great fun, an interesting format that tests many of your skills (and there’s Rum involved).

The Invitation below gives an overview.  Below that are clickable links to all the race information, including the Entry Form and the Sailing Instructions.  The PDF’s are printable.

Early entries are encouraged by adding one second per mile to the entrant’s handicap for each day before the 19th that the completed entry form is received. With a limit of 5 sec/mi.


Ted Pike Memorial Regatta Invitation 2017

Ted Pike Memorial Regatta Format 2017

Ted Pike Memorial Regatta Entry Form

Ted Pike Memorial Regatta Sailing Instructions 2017

Ted Pike Memorial Regatta Race Marks Chartlets


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