How to Store Your Sails for Winter

A post from Quantum Sails

Sails need to be stored where they are safe from moisture, temperature extremes, and pests. Any combination of these can ruin a good sail.

Fall is a beautiful time of year, but for many the change in colors signals the end of the sailing season. Many owners take great […]

Clean and Green Boating Products 101: non-zinc anodes

Spring time is coming and with it a haul out and time to get your boat ready for the year. For many of us that means making hard choices: balancing a desire to use more environmentally friendly products against the need to protect our boat from the sea’s ability to quickly degrade it. The problem […]

Marine Battery Types and Charging Tips

Story by Peter d’Anjou, from Boat Trader

Most boats under 50 feet in length have 12-volt electrical systems. Yet many experienced boaters can’t tell you much about the batteries they have on board, let alone how their batteries and charging systems work. Take my buddy Jeff, for instance. It’s the middle of the season and […]

What’s your boat look like from underwater?

Here is a interesting concept, Roth Diving Services, one of our club sponsors, has set up the ability to do on the spot videos, for inspecting everything from zincs, props, rudders, hulls, anything you may want inspected and captured on video. I plan a haulout to repaint the bottom on the one week off we […]

Tuning the Rig to Balance Your Boat

Photo by Christophe Favreau,

From Elliot / Pattison Sailmakers website, another early season boat tune-up post.

The basis for tuning a boat starts with an understanding of what it is you are trying to accomplish. While many one design classes publish tuning guides the top sailors realize that those guides are merely starting […]

What Are You Going to Do About Your Bottom?

Thursday night. Free for everyone. 2012 racing season skipper’s meeting follows the talk.


Getting A Jump On Spring

Quick & Easy Winter Projects To Make Your Boat Safer (And Avoid Big Headaches Later)

Sometimes, it’s the little things that get overlooked; something as minor as a worn impeller or dead battery can ruin a day on the water. Even major things like a dismasting from a cracked fitting or a ruined engine […]

Project Time – Mike’s Quick Rope Whipping

Time to clean up some of those fraying lines, from Boating Safety Tips, Tricks & Thoughts from Captnmike

This is the quick and secure whipping I use to whip the ends on double braid line. I have not seen this in any book. It has some of the elements of the classic quick […]

Standing Rigging Checks – the vital checklist

If the wind is going to roar this winter, your rigging needs a check.

Sail-World picked up a post from Captain John at Skippertips that lists the most vital rigging checks you need to make.

Sailing Rigging Inspection Checklist: Just as pilots of aircraft large or small wouldn’t think of taking off without their […]

Stretch vs. Creep

A post by Ryan Scott on the West Marine Rigging-Newport site that might be helpful as you prepare your boat for the coming season.

One common misconception that I am asked about, is whether stretch and creep are the same thing. They are not. I saw an analogy a while ago describing the difference, and […]