Clean and Green Boating Products 101: non-zinc anodes

Spring time is coming and with it a haul out and time to get your boat ready for the year. For many of us that means making hard choices: balancing a desire to use more environmentally friendly products against the need to protect our boat from the sea’s ability to quickly degrade it. The problem […]

Wave-Powered Robot Completes 9,000 Mile Ocean Trek, Sets Record

From Treehugger , a post by Jaymi Heimbuch on a new technology that is being used to explore the oceans.

Last November, Liquid Robotics let loose four Wave Gliders in the Pacific ocean. The autonomous robots — outfitted with sensors that measure and collect information on a variety of substances, from oil spills to […]

Superstorm Sandy damages more than 65,000 boats

Record-high surge levels caused hundreds, if not thousands, of boats stored at low elevations to drift away. Photo courtesy of BoatUS

This doesn’t bode well for anyone, including those of us who write a yearly check for boat insurance. From Three Sheets Northwest.

Nov 15 2012 in Currents by Deborah Bach

More than 65,000 […]

Cherbourg, Normandy

Cherbourg, Normandy, photo by Sylvain

This is a picture of the wonderful summertime we have had the privilege to experience here in Cherbourg, Normandy, since the end of May. Just imagine how it will be next winter….Sylvain.


Polynesian to Pomo

Story by Kimball Livingston from his always interesting blog, Blue Planet Times …

If you need for me to tell you that Magnus Danbolt’s photograph was taken in tropical waters, not in Northern California, you are perhaps not qualified to read on.

In this space I have celebrated anything and everything driving the […]