Castaway Accused of Eating Crewmate

Sometimes racing seems all consuming. From the Daily Beast.

A man who spent 438 days at sea after his boat was overpowered by a strong storm is being sued by his crewmate’s family—who accuse him of eating the junior sailor to stay alive. Salvador Alvarenga has said that crewmate Ezequiel Cordoba, 22, died on […]

Why Men Don’t Ask For Directions. It’s About Sex

Presented without comment and in the spirit that it is loosely about navigation. From SportGeezer.

Ever wonder why men don’t ask for directions? According to researchers at the University of Utah, it’s about sex, maybe. A U of Utah news release reports that researchers at the school who studied two African tribes found that men […]

Here, hold my beer and watch me do this …

At the time, this probably seemed like a fun idea. From the Marine Installer’s Rant.

Even I would have to say it was an audacious plan. I mean Guinness book of world record stuff. Walking from Miami to Bermuda in a plastic hamster ball. How hard could it be? Grab some granola bars, get […]

The Long Leg (1935) by Edward Hopper

Thanks to Libby Atkins for posting this on Facebook. Sailing season has arrived.

Time to Check Your Rig

Needless to say, this is a joke. Don't do it.

Santa May Be A Little Late This Year …

Santa lives in Brittany during the off season and he likes to sail.

Thanks to the Horse’s Mouth

Matthias Pliessnig Show at the Renwick

What looks like a knockout show the Renwick Museum of American Crafts in DC. Matthias Piessnig using boat building techniques to produce some sculptural seating units. More images at his site here.

The Russian Tupelov N007

Charles Doane of writes on the the boat we all really need, want, should have, are glad someone else owns.

Photos by Charles Doane of

Confession first: I did not locate the folding EzyBoat here at the Miami boat show. It is a very large show! But I did find this crazy […]