Classic Mariner’s Regatta, 2018 – Results

17 boats participated in one beautiful day of racing and one very wet one. On Saturday, long triangles were used for two twice around races with relatively steady 9 to 11 knot winds, except for a major change in direction during the second lap of the first race. This caused a delay while the course was rotated almost 90 deg. before race two.  The 8 to 10 knot wind (announced by an enormous thunderclap) was steady on Sunday, but so was the rain. As Stig pointed out, “That was very wet rain.”

Lucky Star accepted a handicap reduction to join the A fleet, and still had a good performance. Some controversy over Hakoom’s finish on Sunday is discussed after the results.

Thanks to Barb Trailer & Co. the food, beverages, and camaraderie were excellent. Gravenstein was an excellent and accommodating Committee Boat, and the crew of Martha J were speedy and responsive.

This year over half the boats were from quite a way out of town.  Thank you all for making the effort and helping to make the CMR a success once again.



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Classic Mariner’s Regatta

Bertram adjusts the pole. CMR 2015. Photo by Ace Spragg, NW Maritime Center.

Bertram adjusts the pole. CMR 2015. Photo by Ace Spragg, NW Maritime Center.

Only 13 boats participated in this year’s CMR.  It has been suggested that better promotion is needed.

The first course was set in a NE breeze around 7 knots.  As conditions began to deteriorate, it was decided to shorten the course for classes B and Schooners.  With a northerly breeze near town and a southerly breeze on the south side of the Bay, a windless whole formed near Boat Haven and it was feared that no boats would be able to finish in the 2 hour limit.  Fortunately, a NW breeze saved the day and all but two boats finished.

The second race was on that NW wind around 8 to 10, and all boats still participating finished easily.

The long Sunday race went off well despite your’s truly (Myron) setting two marks early in the morning that went away!  One was near Buoy 2, which then became the number 2 mark and the other was the tet near the Fort that was replaced by the one mark still in place–the orange fender.  Annie Too made a great move to go into the inlet while other boats stayed west of the mark.  She had a very significant lead when re-rounding #2 and going back into the Bay, but as the winds weakened, Sparkle took command and factored out a minute ahead of Annie Too.  Classes A and B finished so close together that there was no need to announce any time limits after the first boat of each class finished.

Overall, a beautiful weekend to race.  Thanks to all participants and the many folks who made the event possible.


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