Getting off the Line and Up to Speed

A post from Quantum Sails by way of Sailing World. A reminder on how to get a good start.

In large fleets, starts can make or break a race, so make sure when you line up for go, you know exactly where you want to be, and how to get your boat moving afterwards. […]

5 Tips: How to Survive a Squall When Racing

What sort of weather will see at the Shipwrights’? Who knows. But in case we have a repeat of the boat buster that came up several years ago, here are some thoughts on dealing with a squall when racing from Yachting World.

Things get complicated when dark clouds build to windward and the horizon […]

5 Tips: Getting a Good Start – and the 60 Seconds After That

If a good start is the key to good race, the last tack into the start and the first 60 seconds out of it are crucial, explains top America’s Cup sailor Terry Hutchinson. From Yachting World.

The subtleties of a good start are more complicated than identifying a good spot to leeward and starting […]

Flow Control of the Kite

A post from Mike Ingham in Sailing World

In run mode, wind flows vertically in the spinnaker, entering near the head and exiting from the foot. Photo by Paul Todd/Outside Images.

In the previous issue we visited Cornell University’s wind tunnel to see how wind flows around an asymmetric spinnaker. We learned a lot, […]

Columbia River Man Overboard

Coast Guard image

A post by John Selwyn Gilbert on Scuttlebutt.

I was knocked overboard – at dusk – about 25 years ago in the Governor’s Cup on the Chesapeake Bay when the J/35 I was racing death-rolled to weather while I was trimming the spinnaker. As soon as I hit the water, I […]

Ingham’s Insight: Pinch Through The Lull

Once you start wrapping your head around VMG, you start to realize that making the boat go faster sometimes might be the slower way to the mark. From Sailing World.

From Sailing World

Although it defies our instincts, it pays to pinch in a lull. By Mike Ingham Posted February 10, 2015

We […]

Sailrace Seminar Reminder, Monday the 9th, Sail Trim for Speed

The T-Birds get a solid start at the Shipwrights’. Photo, one of many great ones, by Wendy Feltham.

Dear Sailors, For those of you participating in the Shipwrights’ regatta, let’s hear what you learned from our sessions this winter! Did you repack the spinnaker? Did you hoist the spinnaker on the way out to […]

Rounding Goes Pear Shaped In Etchells’ Race

From the 2015 Etchell’s Sid Doren Race. Watch the whole mess unfold in a One Design melee. Sequence on Scuttlebutt here, photos by John Payne whose web site is here.

One design madness at the mark. Photo by John Payne


Monday Sailracing Encounter Group Reminder

Here is a reminder that we are still meeting. Next seesion is on Monday, February 9the at 6pm at the NWMC. We are planning to discuss the racing rules. If you need an update, Speed and Smarts #124 Jan/Feb 2013, and for a rules Quiz, #125 March/April 2013 issue. They can all be downloaded […]

A Video Worth Studying

Excellent seminar on the 26th. Stig showed this video and pointed out that he and his crew watch it frame by frame. Lots of great information from technique, to timing, to using crew weight to steer the boat.

Shipwrights is just around the corner. What are you working on to up your game?