Puff Response Upwind

At some point these hot days may bring in the dinner winds and with it some gusty conditions. Here’s a video from Bill Gladstone of North U on the right way to respond to a heavy gust, trim don’t feather.


Heaving-to in a Gale

More great writing from Karen Sullivan.

Sockdolager hove-to under storm trysail, 100 miles off the Oregon coastat the beginning of the gale.

Because a lot of people have asked us about the traditional way of “parking” your boat on the ocean, called heaving-to, and because so many have also asked, “Are you going to […]


Win a Lifesling by practicing two MOB drills

Boating safety is a concern to all sailors and in an effort to promote safety; the PTSA is encouraging the entire fleet to practice man-over-board drills.

During the spring and summer race series all boats which complete the man-over-board drills and watch the LIFESLING video will […]

Keep Calm and Put the Bow Down

A reminder that pinching doesn’t pay …

“Keep your head out of the boat!” That’s a phrase we’ve all heard from coaches in sailboat racing. It’s an important concept. In fact it will be one of our Rules to Sail By this year, but it is just as important to keep your head in the […]

How To Start

It’s make or break time out on the racecourse, MARK RUSHALL explains how to get a flying start and what to do when things don’t go quite to plan.

J-24 Start Line Sag

  When the race officer sounds the starting signal for the Sunday race at Daydreamers YC, he can already see which […]

BOATHANDLING: Secrets of a Sensuous Sailor

Lifted from WaveTrain, Charles Donne’s very literate sailing/boating blog.

(Photo by Fritz Guerin)

It wasn’t until I first sailed on a boat with an engine that I understood precisely what is most seductive about sailing. Any who have cursed the din of a motor while afloat will know exactly what I […]

Three Simple Go-Fast Rules

From Sailing World for the last scheduled PTSA race of 2011.

by Steve Hunt

It’s easy to overcomplicate sailing, because it can be a pretty complex sport if you want it to be. That’s why, come race day, I stick to a few simple rules that keep me focused on the things that […]

Getting a Handle on Mainsail Twist

Lifted from mysailing.com.au written by Dave Flynn of Quantum Sails.

The mainsail trimmer on Fez has depowered the main to cope with a sudden gust of wind. By including a more mainsail twist, the boat remains upright and sails faster.

Technically, twist is “the change in the angle of attack from the bottom of […]

Audi MedCup – On board Luna Rossa – Barcellona

One of the fun things that’s been happening with sailing is the improvement in the video presentation of our sport. Here’s a great one, on board the Italian TP52 Luna Rossa at the Med Cup in Barcelona. Lots of great stuff to see and enjoy, or as we say on the Bay, “L’ultima regata della […]

When the Going Gets Light…

Last night the forecast strong “dinner winds” never appeared. Instead, the southerly stayed for awhile, wandered away for a bit as the westerly paid a visit, then came back, then left again. It was one of those nights. Through it all the flood roared. If you were going into it, you were parked while 100 […]