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Tour-de-Bay Race Results and Distance Series Final Standings

Dave. : 07/31/2018 8:31 pm : PHRF, Racing on the Bay

The Tour-de-Bay was the fourth and final race of the Distance series.

The course set was SBHGIYTBF, 11.9 nm. The start, from City Dock, was delayed by half an hour for lack of wind. For the early part of the race there was good wind East of a line from Point Hudson to Indian Island Navy Pier but very little to the West.

Half the fleet persisted and finished just before the 5 hr time limit, the rest did not report a finish. more »

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Distance Race #4 – TOUR-de-BAY, This Sunday.

Dave. : 07/26/2018 4:36 pm : PHRF, Racing on the Bay

The TOUR-de-BAY Distance Race is this Sunday, July 29 th.

This race provides a challenging change from short W/L courses.

An approximately 15 nm. course, depending on wind, set inside the bay.

With multiple legs varying from .5 to 3 nm., using all points of sail, in and out of current.

Every sailboat welcome, with or without a PHRF rating.

Start from City Dock at noon.

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Distance Series, Port-to-Port Race Results

Dave. : 05/09/2018 12:24 am : PHRF, Racing out of the Bay

Eight boats came out on a warm and sunny weekend for this popular, two race, overnight party. The races are part of the Distance Series. The Saturday race had the potential for congestion with the PTYC Opening Day parade and the massed finish of the STYC Race to the Straits pursuit race. These proved to be non-problems.

The wind on City Dock at the start of the Southbound race was ~8 kts. ±2, hovering around 290 ±10 deg.M but it appeared weaker and more Northerly away from shore. With the N wind and flood current the leaders turned in times of around three hours for the 15.4 miles.

The Saturday evening BBQ around the fire pit was reported to be a great success. As was the very extensive breakfast on Sunday.

The Northbound race on Sunday suffered light winds. At the start ~3 kts. Northerly wind was measured on the beach at Burner Point. Out in the bay it was very patchy and the fleet was observed having a struggle to reach the mouth of the bay where a little more wind could be seen on the water. For the return trip, to windward, the leaders needed about four hours. Further back, some ran out of patience.

more »

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Distance Race Series – Port to Port – May 5 th. & 6 th.

Dave. : 04/26/2018 4:25 pm : PHRF, Racing out of the Bay

The first race starts from City Dock on May 5 th. at 14:30 hrs.  The Sailing Instructions are available for printing here  P to P 2018 .  Or you can read them:- more »

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2018 – Distance Race Series – McCurdy Point Race

Dave. : 04/15/2018 11:30 pm : PHRF, Racing out of the Bay

It was a cool, but not rainy, race with better than expected winds. Four boats came out and everyone finished in under three hours.  Owl was first across the line with an impressive performance beating the three much bigger boats.  Next distance race is Port to Port from PT to Port Ludlow with an overnight stay in Ludlow (May 5-6).

Sparkle leads Pacifica out of the bay.

Martha and Pacifica

Owl leads Pacifica into the Strait.

Pacifica under spinnaker.


more »

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2017 Distance Race Series – Sequim Bay Race

Dave. : 09/20/2017 8:27 pm : PHRF, Racing out of the Bay

Although not a competitor, Andiamo Again was the only boat to represent the PTSA in Sequim Bay during the SBYC Hospice Regatta.

Consequently, she was the only boat to cross the starting line for the race returning to Port Townsend.  Wind and tide conditions gave a quick trip. more »

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Distance Race Series 2017 – Bush Point Race Results and Series Standings.

Dave. : 07/05/2017 6:10 pm : PHRF, Racing out of the Bay

After a  half hour wind delay, the small fleet headed out into the flood with a light easterly breeze.  Only one boat reported a finish time. more »

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Bush Point Distance Race – Saturday

Dave. : 06/28/2017 10:53 am : PHRF, Racing out of the Bay

Bush Point Race – Addendum to PTSA Sailing Instructions

SCHEDULE – Saturday July 1st. The Warning signal will be at 10:00 hrs on City Dock.

RULES – As in  2017 Sailing Instructions for PTSA Races except as amended herein.

COURSE – Cross Start line at City Dock towards NE. Round mark “SC” to port (its the yellow mid-channel buoy west of Bush Point). Cross the Finish line at City Dock towards SW. Course distance is 14.9 nm.

CLASSES – All boats will start together and race with a PHRF handicap.

IDENTIFICATION – All boats, especially visitors, check in with the RC at the City Dock before the start to make sure their PHRF rating is recorded.

SHORTENED COURSE – There is no provision for shortening course.

TIME LIMIT – There is no time limit.

FINISH TIMES – The finish will be unmanned. Each boat will record their finish time, preferably to the second (use GPS or cell phone time) and note the names of the nearest boats ahead and behind them (if visible). This information is to be e-mailed within 48 hrs after the finish to racecommittee@

REQUESTS FROM USCG – All vessels must be aware of COLREGS Rule 10 (Traffic Separation Schemes) and must comply with such regardless of their competitive position at the time.

– All vessels should monitor VHF Ch 05A.

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Distance Race Series 2017, Port to Port Races – Results and Series Standings

Dave. : 06/19/2017 10:53 pm : PHRF, Racing out of the Bay

The Southbound race Saturday afternoon started with a light Northwesterly which only got lighter and more variable.  In the end the time limit was extended as two boats were within five minutes of the line and the last had already retired.

The start of the Northbound race on Sunday was delayed half an hour waiting for a light Northerly breeze to enter the bay.  The ebb increased the apparent wind and all boats finished well within the  time limit. more »

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WBF Shipwright’s Regatta Results

Dave. : 02/26/2017 1:15 pm : PHRF, Racing on the Bay, Wood Boat Foundation

26 th Annual Shipwright’s Regatta – Feb. 25, 2017

 This year’s Shipwright’s was greeted by light southerly breezes.  A long triangular course was set so that if the wind didn’t pick up boats would have a good distance to travel within the 2 hour time limit.  If the wind picked up they could sail the course twice around.  The start was postponed for 20  minutes while  there was  no wind.  The wind remained light so the course was shortened to once around.  This worked out well as the fastest boat finished less than a minute short of one hour, and the slowest boat finished in about an hour and 40 minutes.  Ironically, the wind speed doubled as the last boats were finishing.

Twenty-three boats entered in three classes;-  A: Racing Boats (5),  B: Cruising Boats (10), & C: Thunderbirds (8).  All boats finished.


Perpetual Awards

                                              Half Model Sylvie for first wooden boat to start:-   Sir Isaac

                                              Pegleg for first wooden boat to finish:-   Sir Isaac

                                              Hook for last boat to finish:-   Tarani

                                              Trident for saltiest boat or crew:-    Dorado

                                              Directional Helmet for someone who gets lost or misses a buoy:-    Impossible Dream

                                              Whack-o-meter for best use of misspent energy:-   Sorcerer’s Apprentice

                                              Wire boat for 1st boat to finish in cruising class:-    Carlyn

                                              Van Hope Community Award for largest crew: –    Norma Mae

                                              Free Haul-out for Youngest crew:-   Falkor


Across the line finish times (No handicaps were applied)

                                             Class A:-    Racing  (starting time: 12:20)

                                                                1. Sir Isaac –  13:19:16

                                                                2. Blue Fin – 13:21:52

                                                                3. Sorcerer’s Apprentice – 13:29:01

                                                                4. Lucky – 13:29:07

                                                                5. Andiamo – 13:48:28

                                             Class B:-   Cruising (starting time: 12:25)

                                                                1. Carlyn – 13:40:18

                                                                2. Fiddlehead – 13:41:37

                                                                3. Norma Mae – 13:41:40

                                                                4. Second Wind – 13:41:42

                                                                5. Able – 13:45:55

                                                                6. Flakor – 13:47:40

                                                                7. Impossible Dream – 13:52:07

                                                                8. Jaga – 13:53:49

                                                                9. Tipi Haere – 14:02:06

                                                               10. Tarani – 14:03:07

                                            Class C:-   Thunderbirds (starting time 12:30)

                                                               1. Dorado – 13:25:44

                                                               2. Mabuhay – 13:26:17

                                                               3. Raven – 13:26:46

                                                               4. Boreas – 13:27:18

                                                               5. Blew Bird – 13:27:51

                                                               6. Thatuna – 13:30:05

                                                               7. Caveat – 13:30:20

                                                               8. Knot Raven – 13:30:48

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