Spring Whitecap Series 2018 – Race 7 Results and Standings

This week we were dealt a gale warning. While the skippers were consulting their auguries the wind at the Boat Haven, which had been increasing all afternoon, was light and unstable. Speed varied between 3 to 10 kts with occasional gusts, the direction varied 20 or more degrees either side of magnetic West. There was little indication that a big blow would arrive any time soon so the fleet opted to go out for a race with a dock start.

At the dock the wind was much steadier in direction, cycling 5 deg either side of West, making YT a useful L/W leg, so SDYTYDF (5.7 nm.) was set again. By start time the wind was 8 – 12 kts and rising, complicating making a good start but most boats nailed it, the leader with 3 feet to spare.

The mystery of a strange “echo” after each horn blast was solved when a huge male Sea Lion was found trying to take a nap on the float below the dock.

Watching the fleet round D, a line across the bay ahead of them was noticed where the water became darker and scattered with whitecaps. The building wind produced a great downwind leg, only two boats ventured a kite but it did not appear to gain them much over the rest of the fleet. It was about this point that two short-handed boats wisely decided to retire. The following windward leg was a challenge for over-powered boats to stay off their ear, a quick hand on the mainsheet was key. The final legs were a romping reach.

The finishes were not as close as usual but under the conditions more or less a minute between boats over a 5.7 nm. course is pretty good. The wind at the dock during the finishes was up to 12 – 18 kts. with gusts well over 20.

NOTE:- Next Wednesday, Race 8 is the last of this series and will be celebrated with a barbecue afterwards in the fore-court of our sponsor Admiral Ship Supply. Please save something for the RC who, by nature, get to dock last.

To keep the momentum going, the first race of the Summer Cats-paw Series is the following Wednesday, June 6 th. Same time, same places.

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Spring Whitecap Series 2018 – Race 6 Results and Standings

During the day the wind was very light and variable, but by mid afternoon it became warm and sunny and the wind began to strengthen and settle on a steady direction. When the Committee Boat arrived on station to set up the course the wind was 8 -10 kts with a few small, short lulls and gusts. The wind direction was steady at 290°M which made I/T a fair W/L course.

To make good use of the good conditions it was decided to extend the distance, and practice a downwind finish, so course SITIF (41/3 nm..) was set. Just before the start the wind backed a little which caused crowding at the now favored pin end of the line. Right after the start there was an interesting (as viewed from the CB) entanglement between 3 boats and the pin.

About halfway through the race the wind backed to 270° – 280° and built a little to 10 -12 kts. with some lulls to 7 but few gusts. It made the final leg a bit of a reach but still allowed for some tactical sailing.

As this is race 6 there is a throw-out in the standings report, but this year we still have two more races on the schedule so hold back on the celebrations or lamentations.

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Spring Whitecap Series 2018 – Race 5 Results and Standings

This week we had a dock start.  The wind at the dock was very unstable, 6 – 8 kts. with long lulls to 3 kts and sharp gusts to 12+. The wind direction cycled between 250° and 290°M.  The onset of rain did not change the wind.

The wind had been checked earlier at the Boat Haven and had been found to be much steadier, ~7 kts from 280°, which made YT a good W/L leg, so course SDYTYDF (5¾ nm.) was set.

A reaching start in such an unstable wind makes it very difficult to judge speed, time and distance from the line, but after the practice gained from a General Recall  (over half the fleet was over early, some by more than a boat length) the second start was mostly good.

Next week we should be back to using a Committee Boat.
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Distance Series, Port-to-Port Race Results

Eight boats came out on a warm and sunny weekend for this popular, two race, overnight party. The races are part of the Distance Series. The Saturday race had the potential for congestion with the PTYC Opening Day parade and the massed finish of the STYC Race to the Straits pursuit race. These proved to be non-problems.

The wind on City Dock at the start of the Southbound race was ~8 kts. ±2, hovering around 290 ±10 deg.M but it appeared weaker and more Northerly away from shore. With the N wind and flood current the leaders turned in times of around three hours for the 15.4 miles.

The Saturday evening BBQ around the fire pit was reported to be a great success. As was the very extensive breakfast on Sunday.

The Northbound race on Sunday suffered light winds. At the start ~3 kts. Northerly wind was measured on the beach at Burner Point. Out in the bay it was very patchy and the fleet was observed having a struggle to reach the mouth of the bay where a little more wind could be seen on the water. For the return trip, to windward, the leaders needed about four hours. Further back, some ran out of patience.

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Opening Day this Saturday (5/5)

The Port Townsend Yacht Club is sponsoring a boat parade and blessing of the fleet to celebrate the start of the boating season.  Everyone is invited to participate.  The parade begins around noon at city dock.  You can find all the details at their web site.

And don’t forget that leg one of the Port to Port race is this Saturday as well, starting at 2:30 (not 2:00).  So you could join in the parade then race to Port Ludlow!

Volunteers Needed for A Fun Race and Party


Distance Race Series – Port to Port – May 5 th. & 6 th.

The first race starts from City Dock on May 5 th. at 14:30 hrs.  The Sailing Instructions are available for printing here  P to P 2018 .  Or you can read them:-
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Spring Whitecap Series – 2018 – Race 4 Results

A little while after the start.

Blew Bird chasing Raven to the tower.

Boreas trying to pass Thatuna.

Eleven boats came out for a warm, sunny evening sail.  The wind was a fairly steady 8 kts. and SITF (3.1nm.) provided a good W/L course.  The wind built a little after the start and became gustier but held the same general direction. When the boats were on their final leg to the finish the wind started to disappear quite rapidly, the last boats having a struggle reaching the line.

This week we welcomed Shazzam to our Thunderbird fleet.  But unfortunately, when within reach of the finish and with almost no wind they were overcome by the temptation to scull the last few yards.

Notice:- there is no race scheduled for next week

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Thanks Admiral Ship Supply!

Admiral Ship Supply has donated $500 to help pay for the costs associated with maintaining PTSA’s race marks.  Race mark maintenance is one of our biggest expenses so this donation is especially appreciated.  When you shop at Admiral please let them know you appreciate the donation.

Spring Whitecap Series – 2018 – Race 3

Ten boats came out for a beautiful evening of sailing.  A tet was set near where “Y” would be for a windward mark and the tower was used for the leeward mark. With a steady NW wind there was hope of twice around, but the wind was diminishing before the first lap so the race was finished after one lap. All boats but Thatuna realized that “SYTF2” required crossing the line on each lap.
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