Do you have a Shipwrights’ Regatta trophy from last year?

If so, please let Robin Mills (, the new program director at the Northwest Maritime Center, know.  She is collecting them so they can be given to the winners of this year’s event. Here are the trophies that Robin is looking for:

  • TAKU AWARD: First wooden boat across the START line
  • PEG LEG: First boat across the FINISH line
  • THE HOOK: Last boat across the FINISH line
  • THE GOLDEN TRIDENT: Saltiest boat or crew
  • DIRECTIONAL HELMET: Most confused boat
  • WACK-O-MATIC: Best use of misspent energy
  • METAL WIRE BOAT: First place in Cruising

The 27th annual Shipwrights’ Regatta will be held on Saturday February 24th.  It’s the first race of the year on Port Townsend Bay and it’s always a blast.  You can get all the details on the Maritime Center website.

Spring And Summer Series Races To Be Held On WEDNESDAYS

The board had decided to change the race days for the spring and summers series` from Friday to Wednesday. Because families who want to go away for the weekend often get an early start on Friday, causing them to miss a race, the hope is that this change will increase participation.  This should also make it easier for folks to do the distances races, which normally occur on Saturdays.

The Quimper Tar/Ed Barcott casual races, which were previously held on Wednesday will now happen on Friday.


Winter Sailing Saturdays

It was relatively warm on the first Saturday of the the new year and two Thunderbirds, Thatuna and Owl, took advantage of it to get in a race.  Two laps from Indian Point around the tower.  The wind was pretty good and it didn’t rain. Owl prevailed but it was a close fought contest.

The plan is to sail every Saturday, weather permitting.  Races will start at 12 noon.  Come on out and enjoy some casual winter sailing.

Owl downwind

Thatuna crew

Thatuna on a balmy winter day

The Fabulous Thunderbirds

Off Center Harbor has made a nice nine minute video about Thunderbirds and the Port Townsend Thunderbird fleet. Sailing Anarchy is currently featuring it on their site.

Click this link to watch the video.


Screenshot of Sailing Anarchy page with Tbird video


Show Me the Money

If you have ever wondered how your membership dues are spent click on the link below and you can get all the details. John Lynes, our treasurer, has prepared this report for your viewing pleasure.

Treasurer Report – December 2017

Your treasurer at the helm of Thatuna


A good time was had by all

Last Thursday (11/16) we celebrated the 2017 racing season. About 50 people showed up at the Cotton building with lots of food, they drank some beer or wine, saw a great slide show, talked with friends, and cheered as the award winners got their trophies.  Racing is about being on the water, but it’s also about the friends and the stories we make in the process.  On this night we got to enjoy both.  Checks were given out to the Sea Scouts, the high school sailing team, and the NW Maritime  Center for their youth programs in memory of Ted Pike.  If you missed it, don’t worry, we’ll be having another party in the spring to kick off the 2018 season of racing on Port Townsend Bay!  Lots more pictures of the festivities, including all of the trophy winners, can be found here on the PTSA picture sharing site.

End of Season Party and Awards

The PTSA racing season has come to a close, but we’re not quite done yet!  The end of season party will be on Thursday, November 16th, 2017 at 6pm. This year it is being held at the Cotton Buidling on Water Street (NOT at the Maritime Center).  Like last year it will be a pot luck. Please bring a main dish and a side or dessert to share.

Awards will be given, stories will be told, pictures will be shown, beer and wine will be available.  Put it on your calendar so you don’t miss this fun celebration of racing on Port Townsend Bay!


Fall Nightcap Series – 2017. Race 7 Results and Final Series Standings

For the final race of the series, and of the season, we were greeted by almost ideal winds. Before the start wind velocity was around 13 kt. with short gusts above 16 kts. and longish lulls below 9kts. The direction was fairly steady at 140°M ±10°.  The course set was SGIF (W/L, 3 1/4 nm.)  At the CB this wind held throughout the race, but reportedly it was more shifty on the course.
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Fall Nightcap Series – 2017. Races 6-A & 6-B Results and Standings (Corrected)

There was little wind when the CB left the Boat Haven but in the Bay, away from shore, there was a light Northeasterly. This is normally an unstable wind direction so course SCFLF (2 nm. – “L” was 1/4 mi SW of the Boat Haven entrance) was set to allow shortening course if the wind died. The wind died during the start sequence and the race was Postponed.

A 5 kt. Southeasterly arose and the course realigned to SILF with “L” set on the edge of the wind line in the direction of “G”. As the course was so short (1 nm.) it was announced that there may be two races if the wind allowed. The fleet had a good windward leg but the wind shut down around Indian Point after the first two boats squeaked round the mark. After about 15 minutes the wind started to return but from the Northeast again, giving two reaching legs to the finish.

For the second race the course was realigned to SCF (1.5 nm.). The wind at the start was 5 – 6 kts from 30°M. When the fleet was rounding the windward mark the wind back at the CB was 8 – 9 kts, gusting 12, but now from 345°M. As the Thunderbirds reached home on this wind, the PHRF fleet was trapped in a big hole at the windward mark until they could creep home on a very light Southeasterly.

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Fall Nightcap Series – 2017. Race 5 Results and Series Standings

There were gale warnings in the strait and the forecasts for the bay all said winds in the 20’s with gusts in the 30’s.  So, although the wind in the Boat Haven was only 12 – 14 kts., the mandated consensus meeting at the CB attracted representatives from six boats.  It was eventually decided to do a dock start and run course SITIF (which turned out to be 45° off of a W/L course).

The wind at the start was quite variable in speed, 15 -17 kts. with frequent sags to 12 and gusts to 20+, wind direction was fairly steady at 150ºM ±5º.  The usual soft spot around the tower appeared to be absent.  While the fleet was rounding the tower the wind back at the dock had built to 17 – 19 kts with fewer lulls and gusts.  The fleet was reasonably bunched together at the tower but  the distance between boats stretched rapidly on the broad reach to Indian Point.  The close reach to the finish was quite a romp as the ever increasing wind was 19 -22 kts.  After the last boat finished, a 28+ kt gust was recorded.

Of interest was the cross sea of a lower frequency from the local wind waves that became evident approaching the finish.  Boats sailing parallel to the local wind waves would pitch up, with the forefoot clear of the water to about halfway to the keel, and slow noticeably, about every 30 seconds.  It is possible this phenomenon is due to waves in Admiralty Inlet being refracted as they pass Marrowstone Point.
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