Tbird International Results

Seventeen races in five days!  Everybody was exhausted at the end.  But the wind was good and the racing was competitive.  All-in-all a great success. Pictures are being uploaded to our photo sharing site.

Ted Pike Memorial Regatta 2017

Entries are already coming in for this year’s race.  It’s out of the ordinary, great fun, an interesting format that tests many of your skills (and there’s Rum involved).

The Invitation below gives an overview.  Below that are clickable links to all the race information, including the Entry Form and the Sailing Instructions.  The PDF’s are printable.

Early entries are encouraged by adding one second per mile to the entrant’s handicap for each day before the 19th that the completed entry form is received. With a limit of 5 sec/mi.


Ted Pike Memorial Regatta Invitation 2017

Ted Pike Memorial Regatta Format 2017

Ted Pike Memorial Regatta Entry Form

Ted Pike Memorial Regatta Sailing Instructions 2017

Ted Pike Memorial Regatta Race Marks Chartlets


Tbird Internationals Going Strong

Good wind for the first two days of racing has allow the race committee to get off four races each day.   The top two local boats are Raven in 3rd and Dorado in 6th.  There are three more days of racing to go.

Results after two days








Tour-de-Bay Race Cancelled – For Now

Due to the schedule proximity of the Thunderbird Internationals and conflicting demands on resources the Tour-de-Bay race will not be run this Saturday.

An attempt will be made to find a window in the calendar to reschedule it later in the season.

Summer Cat’s Paw Series 2017 – Race 7 Results and Final Standings.

For the past two races a short windward leeward course was set up so the Thunderbirds could run multiple races practicing starts and roundings ahead of next months Internationals.  More regular courses were set for PHRF,  for race 5 – SITF and for race 6 – SIGTF.  Good winds were available both evenings, steady NW low teens for race 5; less steady for race 6, NNW 12kt g16+ slowly dropping to 10kts g12 from NW (except leg GT where the wind was very light and variable).

The final race of the series reverted to the usual format. Course set was SITF for both fleets. After a 15 minute postponement to recover some missing equipment, the fleets started into a good NW wind, 14 – 15 kts g16+.  About 3/4 of the way to the tower the wind lifted off the water and boats that had headed NE of the rhumb line had difficulty stemming the abnormal, strong Northerly current in the area. After struggling round the Tower, the wind was recovered about halfway back to the Finish but at much less than the original strength.  The wide spread in the finish times reflect course decisions.

This was the last race of the Summer Cat’s Paw Series. It was the first in a long while that did not have a cancellation for too much or too little wind. The Race Committee thanks everyone for their cooperation, congratulates the winners, and reassures the rest – just showing up improves your series score and competing improves your skills.

Next on the Calendar is the Tour de Bay next Saturday, July 29, starting from city Dock at 11:00 hrs.  It’s part of the Distance Race series and always fun.  SI’s will be on-line soon.
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