Reminder – Fall Nightcap Series Starts Saturday

Recapture the Excitement

Recapture the excitement.

After the successful Spring and Summer Series, with unusually cooperative winds and sunshine, and some ruggedly exciting distance races; this is your final opportunity this season to apply your skills and knowledge and possibly climb the podium at the Awards Party on Nov. 18 th.

The Fall Nightcap series is scheduled for every Saturday from Sept. 23 rd. through Nov. 4 th.  and everyone is invited, just check-in at the Committee Boat or City Dock (For those new to our racing, the Sailing Instructions are on this site under the Racing tab, here). The start is at 13:00 hrs. (PDT ends  Nov 5 th so no finishing in the dark).

Remember, if Gale Warnings are in place, Skippers meet at the CB around 11:30 hrs. to discuss the situation and advise the Race Committee of their desire to race under the existing and forecast wind and sea conditions.


The lightly attended and light air 26′ & under race was actually quite exciting with Chesuki, a “Dory”, winning, Min Dejlige Pika, a little Caledonia Yawl, winning second, and Voodoo Child, a go fast Didi Mini (sure to win) finishing last and DSQ for getting hooked on last mark.  The Schooner Cup, in much better wind, had the usual battle between Sir Isaac and Martha with 1 and 2 in that order after near perfect starts.  Big Pacific Grace from Victoria, B.C. took the third place burgee.

Result details below.

Reach for Hospice Regatta – Sequim Bay September 16th, 2017

The Sequim Bay Yacht Club has sponsored the Reach for Hospice Regatta since 1991, supporting the Volunteer Hospice of Clallam County (VHOCC).  The 2017 regatta will be the held on Saturday, September 16th.   The Notice of Race can be found here.

The cost is a donation for $50 (but boats are encouraged to donate more).  Registration can be done on-line via the US Sailing Regatta Network.

The Regatta is on Saturday, as stated above, then on Sunday there will be a race back to Port Townsend, which is the last race of the PTSA distance races series.

Last year the Sparkle crew competed in this event and said it was a great time.  Let’s try to get a good showing from the PTSA to support our friends in Sequim and help raise money for a good cause.

For more information and pictures from last year”s race see the SBYC site.


Ted Pike Memorial Race Results

The second running of this tribute to Ted proved even more popular than the first with eleven boats anchored in the kelp off the Southeast corner of Fort Warden in bright sunshine. Only three were competing for the second time. Two others were registered but were probably unable to leave their undesirable moorage on the minus tide.

Access to the beach was by an odd collection of, mostly small, dingys, kayaks, floats and paddle boards, none exhibiting a tendency for speed. On the return most tenders were hoisted aboard but a few of the smaller boats apparently towed them round the course. On the beach the registration fees were poured into the keg, PHRF ratings assigned, or modified for cause such as early sign-up and appropriate costume, and the courses were announced.

For Class A the course was SBTBCGIYTCF (12.7 nm), and for Class B, SBGTCGCF (9.25 nm). These courses, intended to be a test of sailing skills, had been designed with the normal NW wind in mind to be a challenging mix of W/L legs, in and out of strong current, and long and short reaching legs which may have been marginal for deploying a spinnaker (and one that risked hitting Rat Island).

However, on the day, the wind on the beach under the bluffs was a 10 – 11 kt. Southerly. From the angle the boats lay to anchor the wind appeared to be SW away from the land. This meant the ~2 kt. flood current increased the apparent wind and brought it forward as the fleet beat into the bay and allowed them to run a straight line going out again.

About an hour and a half into the race the wind became light and variable in direction. The usual soft spots developed at T and more so at G. After about thirty minutes the wind filled in from the NW but very variable, 5 – 10 kts. with gusts to 15 and shifts at high frequency by ±30°. This became a test of sailing skills different from the intent but definitely a test.

Except for the first two and last two boats, everyone from both fleets finished close together and the waters off the finish area became quite congested. It appears that the course lengths were a little ambitious for the prevailing conditions but the RC quite forgot about the time limit.

Following the race, the barbecue and potluck feast at Martha’s workshop at Pt. Hudson was exceptional. The race entry fees had to be sampled many times to ensure everyone approved.

Comments from participants for several days after the race uniformly implied that this was an excellent and enjoyable event and a great workout. Ted would have been very pleased.

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Don’t Forget the Ted Pike Memorial Regatta – Coming Saturday 8/19

That’s this Saturday, everyone is invited and  it will be great fun.   Be anchored off the beach at the South boundary of Fort Worden by Noon and just let it happen!!

All details are available through the post below.  Don’t miss it!