Opening Day this Saturday (5/5)

The Port Townsend Yacht Club is sponsoring a boat parade and blessing of the fleet to celebrate the start of the boating season.  Everyone is invited to participate.  The parade begins around noon at city dock.  You can find all the details at their web site.

And don’t forget that leg one of the Port to Port race is this Saturday as well, starting at 2:30 (not 2:00).  So you could join in the parade then race to Port Ludlow!

Volunteers Needed for A Fun Race and Party


Distance Race Series – Port to Port – May 5 th. & 6 th.

The first race starts from City Dock on May 5 th. at 14:30 hrs.  The Sailing Instructions are available for printing here  P to P 2018 .  Or you can read them:-
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Spring Whitecap Series – 2018 – Race 4 Results

A little while after the start.

Blew Bird chasing Raven to the tower.

Boreas trying to pass Thatuna.

Eleven boats came out for a warm, sunny evening sail.  The wind was a fairly steady 8 kts. and SITF (3.1nm.) provided a good W/L course.  The wind built a little after the start and became gustier but held the same general direction. When the boats were on their final leg to the finish the wind started to disappear quite rapidly, the last boats having a struggle reaching the line.

This week we welcomed Shazzam to our Thunderbird fleet.  But unfortunately, when within reach of the finish and with almost no wind they were overcome by the temptation to scull the last few yards.

Notice:- there is no race scheduled for next week

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Thanks Admiral Ship Supply!

Admiral Ship Supply has donated $500 to help pay for the costs associated with maintaining PTSA’s race marks.  Race mark maintenance is one of our biggest expenses so this donation is especially appreciated.  When you shop at Admiral please let them know you appreciate the donation.

Spring Whitecap Series – 2018 – Race 3

Ten boats came out for a beautiful evening of sailing.  A tet was set near where “Y” would be for a windward mark and the tower was used for the leeward mark. With a steady NW wind there was hope of twice around, but the wind was diminishing before the first lap so the race was finished after one lap. All boats but Thatuna realized that “SYTF2” required crossing the line on each lap.
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2018 – Distance Race Series – McCurdy Point Race

It was a cool, but not rainy, race with better than expected winds. Four boats came out and everyone finished in under three hours.  Owl was first across the line with an impressive performance beating the three much bigger boats.  Next distance race is Port to Port from PT to Port Ludlow with an overnight stay in Ludlow (May 5-6).

Sparkle leads Pacifica out of the bay.

Martha and Pacifica

Owl leads Pacifica into the Strait.

Pacifica under spinnaker.


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Spring Whitecap Race 2

Boreas rounds the worlds largest windward mark.

Heading for city dock from the barge.


Race 2 offered several challenges both for the RC and the participants.  9 boats came out and all returned safely. Details inside.

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McCurdy Point Distance Race This Saturday

Due to the unsteady weather this time of year, and following the rugged conditions experienced in last year’s Protection Is. race and especially the Smith Is. race, they have been merged, this year, into the McCurdy Point race, which is shorter and in more sheltered waters.  It is our desire for the crews to return happy, and on boats that are unbroken.  It is just the beginning of the season.

The Race start is from City Dock at 09:00 Saturday 04/14.  If it mostly floats, has sails and we can guess at a PHRF number, you are heartily invited to join in.

A printable PDF of the Sailing Instructions Addendum is here – McCurdyPt SI’si.  It’s only one page so you can give one to each of your crew for a teachable moment.

Spring Whitecap Series – 2018, Race 1 Results

Seven boats braved the steady rain to find 8 – 10 kt. winds at City Dock, with little gusting.  The Wind Direction was unusual at 085°M.  Marks Y and T would have provided a W/L course but, in consideration of the still early sunset, a shorter course (SATAF – 3¼ n.m.) was set.  With this wind direction there was no hole at the Tower, the wind funneled between the islands, so finish times were fast and close.

NOTE:  Don’t forget the first race of the Distance Series, McCurdy Pt., is Saturday April 14 th.,  09:00 hrs. Start at City Dock.
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