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It's going to be fun!
Countdown to the Shipwrights Regatta

Treasurer’s Report

If you’ve been wondering where our money comes from and where it goes, look no further.  Here is the current Treasurer’s Report, provided by our esteemed treasurer John Lynes.


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End of Year Party and Awards Thursday 11/15 at 6pm

The annual end-of-the-year awards party and dinner will be held at the Pope Marine Building at 6pm on Thursday 11/15 at 6pm.  As in the past it will be a potluck dinner – please bring a main and a side dish to share.  Beer and wine will be available and there will be a slideshow.  This is always a fun event that provides an opportunity for each crew to relive their victories and decry their losses, to retell the stores of crashes and near misses, and to get excited for the new season starting in the spring of 2019.

The Pope Marine Building is located on the dock at the corner of Water and Madison Streets in Port Townsend (near the Cotton Building where the party was last year).




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Fall Nightcap Series 2018 – Races 6A & 6B and Final Standings


For the last afternoon of racing this year, the wind forecasts agreed on 6 mph. SE moving to SSE and adding rain as the afternoon progressed. Any forecast with an E in it is a worry for the RC when planning a course. If the wind is light it may die and slowly, but steadily, back to NW, if it is stronger and more established it may be unstable and oscillating by ±25° or more, or it may be wildly erratic. (more…)

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Fall Nightcap Series 2018 – Races 5A,B & C, Results and Standings

Raven leads the pack

Falcon tries to catch Raven

Magic Bus tries to catch Falcon


The weather forecast indicated that conditions this week would be similar to last Saturday but with cool, heavy clouds. The pictures above show otherwise. We, long ago, lost our faith in forecasting accuracy in our local micro climate. It was a beautiful day and we were able to run three races in less than three hours. (more…)

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