Fall Nightcap Series – 2017. Race 4 Results

After three less than stellar showings by the wind, this week the conditions were almost ideal.  Wind was 14 – 15 kts. from 140 degM with small gusts and lulls of long duration from the same direction.  As the wind improved, so did the turnout, fourteen boats hit the line this week. Course SGYF was set (W/L – 3.1 nm).

The Thunderbird start was textbook spectacular, seven boats almost perfectly aligned, the first less than a foot from OCS at the signal.  The wind held for the first windward leg but reportedly softened and shifted a little at G in the lee of the bluffs on Indian Island.  During the downwind leg the wind softened to 10 kts. but picked up again during the return from Y and finishes were generally close.

Conditions were similar for class B but finishes were much more spread out due to the disparity of boats in the PHRF fleet.

This week we welcomed Etap to our PHRF fleet.  She is an ETAP 21 I.
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Fall Nightcap Series – Race 3 Results

With the temporary indisposition of the regular PRO, Joe Daubenberger generously volunteered to run this week’s race by setting up the course from the CB then running a “Barcott” start from the water.

The 20 – 25 kt. winds of the previous night died rapidly during the morning until, by race time the only stable, though light, wind was in the Southeast corner of the bay and course STF (W/L ~1.5 nm.) was set in that area.  After the start, the wind held until the first Class rounded the Tower when the wind lightened further and began shifting by large angles.  It took  about an hour and a half for the fleet to complete the very short course.

Note: The finish times and distances in the results below are fictitious.  They are not necessary for reporting results correctly but are called for by the reporting application.
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Fall Nightcap Series – Race 2

Last week Race 1 was abandoned after a false start and an hour and a half delay waiting for the intermittent light breeze to stabilize while slowly shifting from SE to NW.  This week the forecast was for conditions to be similar for Race 2.  In defiance of the forecast, the wind before the start was around 4.5 kts. steadily from 130 deg.M, so course STIF (W/L – 3.1 nm.) was set.  After the start the wind built to 7.5 kts and held direction until the A fleet was well into the downwind leg where a rain shower knocked the wind down again and it started to veer.  The A fleet managed to complete the course as the wind was dying, the B fleet was not so fortunate.
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One More Time

After an hour and a half of bobbing around, last week’s race (9/23/2017) was cancelled due to lack of wind. This Saturday’s wind prediction looks more favorable.  So let’s get out there for the actual first race of the fall series.  Start is at 1pm.

2017 Distance Race Series – Sequim Bay Race

Although not a competitor, Andiamo Again was the only boat to represent the PTSA in Sequim Bay during the SBYC Hospice Regatta.

Consequently, she was the only boat to cross the starting line for the race returning to Port Townsend.  Wind and tide conditions gave a quick trip.
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