WBF Shipwright’s Regatta Results

26 th Annual Shipwright’s Regatta – Feb. 25, 2017

This year’s Shipwright’s was greeted by light southerly breezes. A long triangular course was set so that if the wind didn’t pick up boats would have a good distance to travel within the 2 hour time limit. If the wind picked […]

Wooden Boat Festival – Race Results

2016 Festival: 26’ & Under Class and Thunderbird Race Boats in Festival:

1 Kiya 16:10:27 (started 5 minutes after other Festival boats)

2 Chesuki 16:10:08

3 Zeta 16:17:19

All non T-Bird boats: Start time-14:48:00

1 Habenero 16:03:30

2 Chesuki 16:10:08

3 Rascal 16:11:14


Classic Mariners’ Regatta – 2016


Classic boats on the bay

This years CMR was graced with hot sunny weather and good winds which encouraged a good turnout by out of town boats. As usual the Wooden Boat Foundation were welcoming hosts. View some photos from the regatta (all taken by Ace Spragg).

On Saturday there were two races […]

The Call of the Sea

Seen at the Wooden Boat Festival, a new version of an old story.

Photo by Wendy Feltham

Classic Mariner’s Regatta

Bertram adjusts the pole. CMR 2015. Photo by Ace Spragg, NW Maritime Center.

Only 13 boats participated in this year’s CMR. It has been suggested that better promotion is needed.

The first course was set in a NE breeze around 7 knots. As conditions began to deteriorate, it was decided to shorten the course […]