Summer Cat’s Paw Series, 2018 – Race 1 Results

We had a very good race. SYTF was pretty darn close to spot on with the wind direction. About 7 knots at the start and over 10 at the finish. 10 boats came out for an all Thunderbird event. We had a general recall at the first try so the start time was 18:25.

Due […]

Classic Mariner’s Regatta, 2018 – Results

17 boats participated in one beautiful day of racing and one very wet one. On Saturday, long triangles were used for two twice around races with relatively steady 9 to 11 knot winds, except for a major change in direction during the second lap of the first race. This caused a delay while the course […]

Spring Whitecap Series – 2018. Race 8 and Final Standings

Just results, comments later.


Don’t Miss The CMR – Its the Only One!

Spring Whitecap Series 2018 – Race 7 Results and Standings

This week we were dealt a gale warning. While the skippers were consulting their auguries the wind at the Boat Haven, which had been increasing all afternoon, was light and unstable. Speed varied between 3 to 10 kts with occasional gusts, the direction varied 20 or more degrees either side of magnetic West. There was […]

Spring Whitecap Series 2018 – Race 6 Results and Standings

During the day the wind was very light and variable, but by mid afternoon it became warm and sunny and the wind began to strengthen and settle on a steady direction. When the Committee Boat arrived on station to set up the course the wind was 8 -10 kts with a few small, short lulls […]

Spring Whitecap Series 2018 – Race 5 Results and Standings

This week we had a dock start. The wind at the dock was very unstable, 6 – 8 kts. with long lulls to 3 kts and sharp gusts to 12+. The wind direction cycled between 250° and 290°M. The onset of rain did not change the wind.

The wind had been checked earlier at the […]

Spring Whitecap Series – 2018 – Race 4 Results

A little while after the start.

Blew Bird chasing Raven to the tower.

Boreas trying to pass Thatuna.

Eleven boats came out for a warm, sunny evening sail. The wind was a fairly steady 8 kts. and SITF (3.1nm.) provided a good W/L course. The wind built a little after the start […]

Spring Whitecap Series – 2018 – Race 3

Ten boats came out for a beautiful evening of sailing. A tet was set near where “Y” would be for a windward mark and the tower was used for the leeward mark. With a steady NW wind there was hope of twice around, but the wind was diminishing before the first lap so the race […]

Spring Whitecap Race 2

Boreas rounds the worlds largest windward mark.

Heading for city dock from the barge.


Race 2 offered several challenges both for the RC and the participants. 9 boats came out and all returned safely. Details inside.