Tour-de-Bay Race Results and Distance Series Final Standings

The Tour-de-Bay was the fourth and final race of the Distance series.

The course set was SBHGIYTBF, 11.9 nm. The start, from City Dock, was delayed by half an hour for lack of wind. For the early part of the race there was good wind East of a line from Point Hudson to Indian Island Navy Pier but very little to the West.

Half the fleet persisted and finished just before the 5 hr time limit, the rest did not report a finish. (more…)

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Distance Race #4 – TOUR-de-BAY, This Sunday.

The TOUR-de-BAY Distance Race is this Sunday, July 29 th.

This race provides a challenging change from short W/L courses.

An approximately 15 nm. course, depending on wind, set inside the bay.

With multiple legs varying from .5 to 3 nm., using all points of sail, in and out of current.

Every sailboat welcome, with or without a PHRF rating.

Start from City Dock at noon.

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Summer Cat’s Paw Series 2018 – Race Seven Results and Final Standings

When the CB reached the starting area the wind was a patchy 3 – 5 kts. from 330° M, making IG a good W/L course, but before the line could be set the wind veered to 360°. This made C a good windward mark but there was not a corresponding leeward mark as the spare tet carried by the CB was needed to substitute for a leaking pin buoy.  While the RC were contemplating moving deeper into the bay and setting course SCF the wind strengthened and backed to 330°. The line was set for SIGF and the fleet started into 7 – 8 kts. of wind.

This did not last, when the fleet was passing the CB on the downwind leg the wind was down to 4 – 5 kts, then halfway down the leg a hole split the fleet, the first seven boats had a light and very variable breeze to carry them to the mark, the rest did not. The wind continued light and very variable to the point where the leading group heading for the finish passed the tailenders still heading for G with both groups sailing to windward. At the CB the wind maintained direction but continued to fade away to the point where the last boat needed 20 min. to cover the last few hundred yards.

This was the last race of the Cat’s Paw series. Congratulations to those who did well, at least to their own satisfaction, and a big thank you to all who came out and made it fun for everyone.

Wednesday evening races continue through August, in a self organizing manner, with the Dog Days series of single races.

The TOUR-de-BAY Distance Race is this Sunday, July 29 th. This provides a change from short W/L courses. A ~15 nm. course, inside the bay, of multiple  .5 to 3 nm. legs, all points of sail, in and out of current. Start from City Dock at noon.


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Summer Cat’s Paw Series 2018 – Race 6 Results & Standings

Strong winds and a building chop provided excitement and challenge. The wind was varying around Westerly and climbing from 12 kts. when the CB left the Boat Haven.  SYTF was set as a good windward/leeward course, with the first leg kept short so the starting area was in smoother water. The wind continued to climb and shifted to the point that resetting the line  was considered a couple of times but at the start it was back to being square.

At the start the wind was W 24 – 26 kts with occasional gusts over 30 kts. Two boats prudently retired around the Windward Mark.

Next Wednesday (25 th.) is the final race of the series and the following Saturday (29 th) the Tour-de-Bay Distance race starts at Noon.


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Midsummer Regatta 2018

The weather forecast models for race day were in unusual agreement – wind 6 kts increasing to 7 at 16:00 (vast overestimate) – wind direction SE ish at 11:00 backing to N ish by 16:00 (unfortunately, accurate) – occasional light showers (the occasion was most of the regatta and they were not light).

This year the Race Committee was shorthanded so all eight boats were started together as one PHRF class. All courses were short due to the light winds but, except for race 1, met the target of about half an hour for the first boat to finish.

The wind died for a while during the first race but from then on slowly increased throughout the regatta but rarely exceeded 5 kts.. As there was no dedicated mark boat driver to move marks during a race there were long delays between races to rotate the course (in one case, twice) due to the backing wind. When the course was realigned it was also extended to keep the races about 30 minutes long as the wind slowly increased.

The delays eliminated the possibility of a sixth race to generate a throwout. However, a scan of the standings indicates that, even though some boat’s point totals were close, consistency of placement over five races was such that it was unlikely that there would have been more than one or two reversals of adjacent positions.

In spite of the frustrating, and uncomfortable, conditions the regatta was an excellent test of light, and shifting, air sailing skills and tactics.


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Summer Cat’s Paw Series 2018 – Race 4 Results and Standings

The Committee Boat left the Boat Haven with a light Northwesterly and set the S/F line between I and T. Once set it was noticed that the wind increased a little and changed direction. The CB raised anchor twice to reset a square line but by start time was about back where it began. The course was the usual SITF (3.1 nm.), which was to turn out to be rather short for the conditions.

The wind had grown to 8 kts at the start (with the line still square) and soon after the fleet rounded the windward mark it was around 18 kts. at the CB, and when the last boat finished the gusts were topping 24 kts.

The first boat finished in less than 35 minutes and the last about 10 minutes later so there was plenty of time for a second race. However, only the youngest crew in the fleet considered the idea with enthusiasm.

Don’t forget – there is no race scheduled for July 4 th. So if you go out and can’t find the orange flag on dock or boat, that’s why.


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Summer Cat’s Paw Series – Race 3, Results and Standings

The original hope for the evening was to have enough of our regular wind to run two races to make up for last week’s cancellation. Aeolus laughed!

The Committee Boat left the marina with the normal light Northwesterly breeze but beyond the breakwater the air was very light and confused as to direction. While waiting around for the evening breeze to settle in it was noticed that a strong wind line in Admiralty Inlet was moving into the Bay.. The CB went to investigate and found an apparently steady 5 – 7 kts. from 350°M which would make SBGF a good windward/leeward course. Although winds from North through East in this area are rarely settled, the pin was set. Before the CB could anchor the wind backed 80°.

The CB waited to see if the wind shifted back. When it did not, the pin was retrieved and the CB headed back into the Bay where wind was now apparent. W/L course SCGF was set and the RC hurriedly completed their preparations and lowered the AP flag. Only then was it noticed that the wind had completely died. AP went back up.

After a while the wind came back, slowly built and started to fill the bay, but it had shifted to 285°. Fortuitously the CB was anchored on the line from I to T. A passing competitor was pressed into moving the pin to square the line. The course changed to SITF (3.1 nm.) and the fleet was started, 45 minutes late, into a 3.5 – 4.5 kts. and building wind.

Several boats started running the line about 10 – 15 seconds too early and even though it was a long line they arrived at the slightly favored, and crowded pin end to be forced head to wind by boats already there.Two boats appeared to tangle with the pin or each other (or both), did their turns and continued on. Doug, on the bow, and Joe, at the tiller, are probably still arguing if Caveat was over early. She almost was, luckily the start line runs to the course edge of the pin.

The wind pretty much held direction and even strengthened for the first upwind leg and the first third of the downwind. Then it began to fall apart, softening and becoming patchy. Two thirds of the way to the tower Gennys had replaced Kites and boats were hunting for cat’s paws that seemed random in direction. Pacifica avoided this mess by sailing in a wide arc to the South and carried spinnaker and stays’l to be first at the tower. Unfortunately, due to the strong current, she had to run her engine to avoid hitting the tower.

The final windward leg initially continued the cat’s paw hopping, but approaching the finish, the wind stabilized in its original direction at about 2 kts.

Don’t forget to sign up for the Midsummer Regatta – see poster below. (more…)

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Summer Cat’s Paw Series, 2018 – Race 1 Results

We had a very good race. SYTF was pretty darn close to spot on with the wind direction. About 7 knots at the start and over 10 at the finish. 10 boats came out for an all Thunderbird event.
We had a general recall at the first try so the start time was 18:25.

Due to conflicts with the R2AK Ruckus there will be no Race 2 next Wednesday. We will be back with race 3 on the 20 th. and DON”T miss the Annual BBQ, Aquavit and Pickled Herring All Day Regatta on the 30th (Celebrating the Solstice).


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