Spring Whitecap Series – 2018 – Race 3

Ten boats came out for a beautiful evening of sailing. A tet was set near where “Y” would be for a windward mark and the tower was used for the leeward mark. With a steady NW wind there was hope of twice around, but the wind was diminishing before the first lap so the race […]

Spring Whitecap Race 2

Boreas rounds the worlds largest windward mark.

Heading for city dock from the barge.


Race 2 offered several challenges both for the RC and the participants. 9 boats came out and all returned safely. Details inside.


Spring Whitecap Series – 2018, Race 1 Results

Seven boats braved the steady rain to find 8 – 10 kt. winds at City Dock, with little gusting. The Wind Direction was unusual at 085°M. Marks Y and T would have provided a W/L course but, in consideration of the still early sunset, a shorter course (SATAF – 3¼ n.m.) was set. […]

27th Shipwrights Results


Many of us woke to a hailstorm with one big clap of thunder and almost rolled over. Fortunately 30+ skippers showed up for the Skipper’s Meeting, and 26 boats ended up participating on the water. While the course was being set the NW wind was averaging 11 knots with gusts to 18. […]

The Race Calendar for 2018 is Now Available

Click here for the PDF version: PTSA 2018 calendar

Many thanks to Tulip Morrow (and Guy Hupy) for putting the calendar together.

Do you have a Shipwrights’ Regatta trophy from last year?

If so, please let Robin Mills (robin@nwmaritime.org), the new program director at the Northwest Maritime Center, know. She is collecting them so they can be given to the winners of this year’s event. Here are the trophies that Robin is looking for:

TAKU AWARD: First wooden boat across the START line PEG LEG: First boat […]

Fall Nightcap Series – 2017. Race 7 Results and Final Series Standings

For the final race of the series, and of the season, we were greeted by almost ideal winds. Before the start wind velocity was around 13 kt. with short gusts above 16 kts. and longish lulls below 9kts. The direction was fairly steady at 140°M ±10°. The course set was SGIF (W/L, 3 1/4 nm.) […]

Fall Nightcap Series – 2017. Races 6-A & 6-B Results and Standings (Corrected)

There was little wind when the CB left the Boat Haven but in the Bay, away from shore, there was a light Northeasterly. This is normally an unstable wind direction so course SCFLF (2 nm. – “L” was 1/4 mi SW of the Boat Haven entrance) was set to allow shortening course if the […]

Fall Nightcap Series – 2017. Race 5 Results and Series Standings

There were gale warnings in the strait and the forecasts for the bay all said winds in the 20’s with gusts in the 30’s. So, although the wind in the Boat Haven was only 12 – 14 kts., the mandated consensus meeting at the CB attracted representatives from six boats. It was eventually decided to […]

Fall Nightcap Series – 2017. Race 4 Results

After three less than stellar showings by the wind, this week the conditions were almost ideal. Wind was 14 – 15 kts. from 140 degM with small gusts and lulls of long duration from the same direction. As the wind improved, so did the turnout, fourteen boats hit the line this week. Course SGYF was […]