Some Thoughts on Building Low Weight Structures

From the always active mind of Dan Newland …..

Hey guys.

I was using this table when it occurred to me that perhaps you could also use these figures.

Attached are some real, measured weights I’ve kept for when I need to do calculations, (the exception are the foam cores that are calculated). Many came […]

Cleaning the brush: A Chemical Engineer’s perspective

Take a look around the docks and it’s clear that the Wooden Boat Festival is around the corner. There’s lots of last minute work going on to get already well tended boats even better tended. In that spirit, here’s a short item on cleaning your varnish brush from the blog Windborne in Puget Sound.


We pulled into the waiting line at the Kingston ferry and through the fog I saw an unexpected sight – an old flat bed truck with what appeared to be a Jensen Healey struggling to stay on board. A Jensen Healey? On a flat bed truck? So I wandered over. I didn’t get the […]

Missing Miss Annie

Since this spring’s Round-the-County, Annie Too has been sitting at the dock with her stick out. According to Ted Pike, the mast cracked in the high winds of the race and he’s been working hard to put it back together. You got to love a town where folks take a classic, race the hell out […]

Single Braid line and the Brummel Splice

12 strand line, super strong and easy to work with

In a simplistic view of the history of marine lines, there’s been a progression from single braid manilla three strand, to double braid with the load being carried by the inner core, to today’s return to single braid but using high-tech materials, most frequently […]

Boatyard Stormwater Regulations Forum

From a flyer sent over by the Port Townsend Yacht Club ….

New regulations seek to tighten the allowable heavy metal content in the stormwater outflows of ports and boatyard across Washington.

The Port of Port Townsend may not be able to meet these new standards resulting in huge fines and possible closures. Get educated. […]

A Reminder about Bottom Work and Wind

big wind and not enough pads can work out badly

Many of us will no doubt be doing bottom work this coming spring and this picture is a reminder that although it is tempting to move the stand yourself, it might be better to ask the yard guys for a hand.

The story behind […]