Seattle Boat Show, Jan 25 to Feb 3

Check with Lisa at PTSA sponsor PT Rigging who has a very limited number of tickets available.

Superstorm Sandy damages more than 65,000 boats

Record-high surge levels caused hundreds, if not thousands, of boats stored at low elevations to drift away. Photo courtesy of BoatUS

This doesn’t bode well for anyone, including those of us who write a yearly check for boat insurance. From Three Sheets Northwest.

Nov 15 2012 in Currents by Deborah Bach

More than 65,000 […]

What’s your boat look like from underwater?

Here is a interesting concept, Roth Diving Services, one of our club sponsors, has set up the ability to do on the spot videos, for inspecting everything from zincs, props, rudders, hulls, anything you may want inspected and captured on video. I plan a haulout to repaint the bottom on the one week off we […]

Tuning the Rig to Balance Your Boat

Photo by Christophe Favreau,

From Elliot / Pattison Sailmakers website, another early season boat tune-up post.

The basis for tuning a boat starts with an understanding of what it is you are trying to accomplish. While many one design classes publish tuning guides the top sailors realize that those guides are merely starting […]

Thinking Of Switching Over To Flush Thru-Hulls? Practical Sailor Has Some Tips

Thanks to Hill at North American Sailor for the tip.

If you sail a lot in light air, there are a number of upgrades you can consider. From new sails, to light-weight halyards, to removing gear from the boat. We’ve already talked before about the value of training as well. But one upgrade which will […]