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Thunderbird June Midsummer Series – Final Standings

This week’s racing was cancelled by consensus after considering the Gale Warning in the Strait and observing the building wind gusts in the Boat Haven. The screen shot below of the days wind record from the Paper Mill  weather station confirms that the cancellation was prudent. So last week’s standings become the Final Series Standings.

There are no formal Series races scheduled for next Wednesday, June 26 or July 3rd.  The July Cat’s Paw Series begins on Wednesday July 10th  18:00 hrs. (more…)

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Thunderbird June Midsummer Series 2019 – Standings After Seven races

We managed to complete three short W/L  races with course SILF.  The wind was steadily from NW and the line square if rather short. For the first race the wind was hovering around 6 kts. The second around 5 kts. The third race also started with the wind around 5 kts. but as the fleet was rounding the leeward mark the wind died almost completely. It slowly strengthened, from the NE, enough for the fleet to finish but not suitably to start a planned fourth shorter race.

Thatuna and Kuma San switched ownership, skippers and crews during the series. The scores are continued to be attributed to the boat name/hull#.


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Thunderbird June Midsummer Series 2019 – Race 4 and Standings

This week, due to some interesting weather, we had a change from the multiple short W/L races we have been practicing and sailed a large triangle with a dock start. The course set was SITF. The wind at the dock at the start was Westerly 8 – 12 kts. Gusting to around 20. This course provided a reach along the waterfront with the wind eddying around the structures on shore, followed by an almost directly downwind run to the Tower. The wind on the far side of the bay was stronger than on the city side as indicated by confused seas and widespread whitecaps, also by some extreme heel angles. The leg from the tower to the finish was a Port tack fetch, until the last quarter mile where a large wind shift sent boats towards Point Hudson for a final tack to the finish. By the time the boats were finishing the wind at the dock had increased and its direction steadied. The evening of exciting sailing was marred by two very heavy rainshowers.


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WBF Classic Mariners Regatta – 2019

The 2019 CMR was lightly attended, but eventful. 4 “A class” boats and 7 “B class” boats signed up.

The winds for the first race on Saturday were light and VERY variable. Minutes before the start, there was an almost 180 degree shift. After a 25 minute postponement, there was a gentle twice around, with a long delay for the “B’s” to finish. After accommodating another wind shift the second race started with better wind, but a very short start/finish line (RC error). Unfortunately, with tide and wind effects the line was even shorter for the finish. This was not noticed until the first finish, so the line could not be changed. For the second race “A’s” sailed twice around and “B’s” sailed once around. Much better racing!

The wind gods were more favorable for Sunday’s long race. The tide/current gods didn’t seem too happy with that. One of the marks, set earlier in the morning, aspired to a new home in the direction of Port Ludlow. After another 30 minute postponement, the wayward mark was reset and the race started in a nice northerly. Of course the minus one to plus 8 tidal shift had begun to flow harder and made the Ft. Worden leg more difficult. Sir Isaac and Pacifica worked it out well, and Pacifica corected to win race 3. (more…)

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Thunderbird June Midsummer Series – Day one results

PTSA Thunderbird June Midsummer Series 2019  
Standings – three Races Sailed
Reg. Cnt. Sail # Boat Name Skipper Name Race 1 5/29/19 Race 2 5/29/19 Race 3 5/29/19 Race 4 Race 5 Race 6 Race 7 Race 8   Total Pts. Positn.
1 1190 Raven Blackbird Associates   1   1   4                       6 1
2 1248 Kuma San Canty, Dennis   4   2   2                       8 2
3 642 Owl Dunning, Dale   2 DSQ 7   1                       10 3
4 1069 Magic Bus Dunlap, Piper & Co.   3 DSQ 7   3                       13 4
5 542 Thatuna Lynes, John   6   3   6                       15 5
6 1177 Falcon Nikles, Roland   5 DSQ 7   5                       17 6
Results Provisional until Final Standings [ ] Denotes Throw-out                  

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May Sunshine Thunderbird Series 2019, Race 8 and Final Standings

This event generated a high level of frustration for all concerned. On leaving harbor the RC found a very light Northwesterly breeze which the wind shadows showed to be very patchy. A temporary Windward mark was set few hundred feet into the darkest wind shadow and the CB headed downwind to set the S/F line towards the other edge of the wind shadow. Before setting the line it was necessary to wait much of an hour as the wind direction cycled through ±15° every few minutes while the mean direction slowly veered to the North. (more…)

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May Sunshine Thunderbird Series 2019, Races 6 & 7 & Standings

Seven T-birds joined the CB for over an hour of drifting around a placid bay until, eventually, a tongue of rippling water was noticed coming up from Port Hadlock. Even though the wind direction was oscillating widely while a windward mark and S/F line were being set out and course SWFWF posted, it had settled down by the start with the course fairly well aligned with the wind (for the first race).   The wind shifted to the East during the finish of the first race, which left the course very skewed for the second, but due to the late hour it was not changed.,   The second race should have been shortened to one lap as the wind abandoned half the fleet at the windward mark, and eventually the RC searching for marks in the dark.                                                                                                                                                     . (more…)

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PHRF Whitecap Series – 2019, Race 6 and Standings

The wind (or lack thereof) presented a major challenge both to the Racers and the Race Committee. On arrival at the dock the RC found winds 0 – 3 kts varying in direction such that it was unclear if the start should be to the NE or SW. There were small cat’s paws all over the bay so it was unlikely the fleet could cross the bay and back within the time limit. Nor sail along the waterfront without spending long periods in front of the ferry dock. A quick trip to Point Hudson showed the Cat’s Paws outside the bay to be larger. On return to the dock it was found the wind had strengthened to 5 -7 kts locally (but not across the bay) and settled on NW.

Temporary mark A was set out and course SABF3 (4.25nm.) was posted. For the first two laps there was usable wind in the area a few hundred yards from the beach to midway across the bay. Boats were averaging ~25 mins. for each of the first two laps, and when the shorten course decision time came at 18:40 the wind was unchanged and the race continued. This was unfortunate because as the second and third boats finished the wind died.

Ironically, as the RC was leaving the dock a strong Southerly blew up.


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May Sunshine Series – 2019, Thunderbird Races 1 – 5 Results.

Five T-birds came out for what turned out to be a rarely beautiful evening of  racing. It was warm and sunny and the wind, generally from the NW was between 8 – 10 kts for the first and third of the three races and 9 – 11 for the second.    The water was flat and wind and tide lines easily visible. Three races were run promptly over a short course (SILF, ~3/4 nm.) and the times for each were similar. Raven continues to dominate, while the second and third boats are only one point apart. (more…)

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