Many of us woke to a hailstorm with one big clap of thunder and almost rolled over. Fortunately 30+ skippers showed up for the Skipper’s Meeting, and 26 boats ended up participating on the water. While the course was being set the NW wind was averaging 11 knots with gusts to 18. Shortly before the start, we had some sleet and the wind died considerably. With barely enough breeze for boats to maneuver, the three classes started sequentially. This created a bit of a problem for T-birds as there were still Cruising boats starting at their start, but the hope was to get everyone on the course in case conditions deteriorated further. The winds remained light and the first boat to finish the first lap, Sparkle, did so in 45 minutes. In hopes of having as many boats as possible to finish, the second lap was shortened at the reach mark. Only three boats failed to finish.  Myron Gauger, PRO

Perpetual Awards


Half Model Sylvie for first wooden boat to start:                              Sparkle

Pegleg for first wooden boat to finish:                                               Sparkle

Hook for last boat to finish:                                                                 Shazam

Trident for saltiest boat or crew:                                                        International 14

Whack-o-meter for best use of misspent energy:                           Sea Bear*

Wire boat for 1st boat to finish in cruising class:                              Wooden Boat School   Folkboat

Van Hope Community Award for largest crew:                                 Ariel of Victoria

Free Haul-out for Youngest crew:                                                      Blossom

(* Sea Bear had the largest crew, 18, but was DSQ for not crossing the line on the first lap.)


Across the line finishes


Class A: Racing (starting time: 1205)

  1. Sparkle                               13:22:50
  2. Blue Fin                               13:26:28*
  3. Lucky                                   13:27:33
  4. None                                    13:29:25
  5. Seeker                                 13:32:58
  6. International 14                   13:47:13

(*Apologies to Blue Fin! I misread their finish time before the awards ceremony. They finished second, in the final results.)


Class B: Cruising (starting time 1210)

  1. Wooden Boat School Folkboat           13:38:24
  2. Ariel of Victoria                                     13:44:32
  3. Gary’s Folkboat                                     13:48:54
  4. Able                                                        13:48:59
  5. Sorcerer’s Apprentice                          13:53:05
  6. Blossom                                                 13:57:42
  7. Gypsy Woman                                       14:05:23
  8. Ceredwin                                                DNF
  9. Noddy                                                     DNF
  10. Sea Bear                                                 DSQ


Class C: Thunderbirds (starting time 1215)

  1. Raven                                   13:27:12
  2. Dorado                                 13:27:18
  3. Owl                                       13:30:21
  4. Boreas                                  13:32:40
  5. Thatuna                                13:33:07
  6. Caveat                                  13:33:12
  7. Knot Raven                           13:34:10
  8. Tzieu                                     13:34:35
  9. Coco Solo                             13:34:44
  10. Shazzam                               14:08:14