Racing is almost here!  The following three events will all happen within the next two weeks.

  • Smith Island Race, the first PTSA race of 2016 is this Saturday March 26th.  It is the first of five long distance races scheduled for 2016.  Let’s get a good turn-out for this one!
  • The start of racing kick-off party at 6:00 pm on Thursday March 31st at the Northwest Maritime Center.  Beer and wine will be available.  Besides being a celebration we will discuss the various events planned for the year and race committee chair Dave Burrows will go over the revised sailing instructions for 2016.  This for skippers and crew as well as any others who would like to learn more about racing and the the PTSA.
  • The first race of the Spring Whitecap series is at 6:00 pm on Friday April 1st.