A recent post on the Jefferson County Moorage Tenants Union website made the assertion that under the current Port of Port Townsend plan for 2015 the monthly moorage fee for a 25′ slip would increase from $182.67 to $203.26, an increase of 11.3%. Are you Interested to know if this computation and the possible reordering of priorities to move the construction of a new boat ramp over a rebuild of C & D docks are in next year’s plan? Ask Bertram Monday night, November 7th.

Annual Moorage Tenants Union Meeting

Monday Nov. 17 7:00 PM

Marina Room, Point Hudson

With the Port of Port Townsend budget coming to a vote in two weeks, you can find out what issues will affect you in the next year.

JC Moorage Tenants Union meeting Agenda:

1. The Port rate increase proposal

2. Pending Infrastructure projects and the priority matrix

3. Boat Haven Restroom renovation

4. The facts behind the boat ramp expansion

THE MARINA ROOM IS LOCATED on the north side of the Shanghai Restaurant.