If you’re interested in what’s happening in the yard at PT’s Boat Haven, the PT Shipwrights Co-op blog is a good place to start.

Naval Architect and Marine Engineer, Jonathan Moore, is working on the I.F. Mariner design project for Port Townsend Shipwrights Co-op.  I visited him in his office at Tim Nolan Marine Design.  He is determining the best size and placement of the large fish hold bulkhead in order to meet stability guidelines.  You may recall a previous blog post about I.F. Mariner where a 3,000 lb. cement block was moved to various locations on the I.F. Mariner to run stability tests.  Now Jonathan is referring to line drawings of the vessel to make further calculations in combination with his Auto-CAD software.  He will project how far the vessel enters the water’s surface when the fish hold is up to it’s hold capacity.

As well, last week the original engine was removed from the I.F. Mariner via crane and the new engine prepared for installation.  A runway was rigged up in order to smoothly remove and install the engines in and out of the engine room.  Next the shipwrights will seal up the engine room.


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