From Ace Spragg, the hard working Waterfront Programs Manager at the Northwest Maritime Center

Special thanks to the regatta sponsors:
Port of Port Townsend • Port Townsend Brewing Co. • Sunrise Coffee • Sea Marine • Northwest Marine Center of Excellence

  • TAKU AWARD: First wooden boat across the START line: Won by: Sirocco
  • PEG LEG: First boat across the FINISH line: Dew Flicker
  • THE HOOK: Last boat across the FINISH line: Idrill
  • THE GOLDEN TRIDENT: Saltiest boat or crew: Deadwood, who capsized 3 times!
  • DIRECTIONAL HELMET: not awarded, since everyone made it in safely in a squall!
  • WACK-O-MATIC: Best use of misspent energy: Pegasus who had trouble with their spinnaker in the water on the first mark, but kept on sailing fast!
  • METAL WIRE BOAT: First place in Cruising: Stepn’Annie
  • VAN HOPE COMMUNITY AWARD (haul out given by the Port of PT): Most young people (under 20) or youngest on board: Pegasus
  • MOST PICKUP CREW (haul out given by Sea Marine): Tzieu!

Race Results – all boats entered are listed below, to reflect their commitment to sailing, despite the variable conditions! The wind and weather changed from sunny, warm and less than 10 knots of wind at 12:15 to cold, rainy and gusts to 30 with 3 foot waves by 12:45. Yikes!

A Class: (racing)

  1. Dew Flicker
  2. Pegasus
  3. Sirocco
  4. Deadwood
  5. Raven
  6. Tzieu!
  7. Pacemaker
  8. Thatuna – DNF

B Class: (cruising)

  1. Stepn’ Annie
  2. Ramble
  3. Second Wind
  4. Idrill
  5. Ceridwen – DNF
  6. Sonia – DNF
  7. Forty Two – DNF