Leland Gibson's MORNING FLIGHT flying past Pt. Hudson on the way to the red buoy. Photo Ace Spragg

The race was held on Sunday, after gale warnings and lumpy seas prevented the usual Saturday start. Sunday was a glorious day to be racing on Port Townsend Bay, and the fleet of almost 20 boats looked fabulous!

Thanks to our sponsors: The Northwest Maritime Center and Cafe whose support for sailing on the Bay is always appreciated, Sunrise Coffee, PT Brewing Company, SEA Marine and The Port of Port Townsend. Thanks as always to Myron and Dave of the Port Townsend Sailing Association Race Committee for running the race.

More photos after the jump by Ace Spragg of the NWMC who was in the Martha J, and Elizabeth Becker who was on Union Wharf.


A Class (Racing)

1. Wizard                        Dan Gintner
2. Coco Solo                   John Carey
3. Thatuna                      John Lynes

B Class (Cruising)

1. Ramble                        Jon Kaplan
2. Step’n Annie              Satch Yarbrough
3. Suva                             Lloyd Baldwin

Some other notable awards:

Taku Award – for the best start: Thatuna
Peg Leg & Bronze Belaying Pin – for the first to finish: Wizard
Van Hope Award – for the youngest crew: Suva
Shanghai Award – for the most “pickup” crew: Sjovind

more photos after the jump Photos by Ace Spragg from the MARTHA J and Elizabeth Becker from Union Wharf