America’s Cup 34, a tech overview

The media presentation of sailboat racing has forever changed based on the work done for the 34th Cup races. It’s really excellent and if you haven’t seen it you can replay the races on YouTube here. At the center of those changes is Stan Honey, well known sailor, navigator and electronics wizard. The first down lines super imposed on the TV show football field, Stan’s work. Nascar car tracking and data, Stan’s work. And now he has brought that technical expertise to help clarify and explain his own sport, sailing. From the Panbo electronics blog, a review of the equipment being used to show sailing in a new, and very involving way.

Stan Honey has not always been grinning during the San Diego session of the AC World Series, but it’s staggering what he and the many tech teams behind the scenes have already accomplished. As I had hoped. In fact, while I came mostly to see the technology, I’ve become enthralled by the racing itself, which — almost ironically, and a far cry from previous AC’s — is all about sailing skills rather than competing design and gear technologies. The fleet of AC45 catamarans is nearly pure one design (they have some latitude over the “soft” sail designs) and I understand that the only racing electronics the crews use are GPS speedos. What all the gadgetry and software supports are remarkably agile race management, fast and fair umpiring, and phenomenal audio video broadcast coverage…

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