The barquentine CONCORDIA lost off the coast of Brazil in 2010.

Canada’s Transportation Safety Board has finally released its report on the loss of the school ship Concordia, the 188-foot square-rigger that capsized and sank off the coast of Brazil back in February of last year. Charles Donne reports that he was more than a little surprised by its conclusions: a) there was no microburst, as was reported by the captain and crew of the vessel; b) the ship’s officers failed to follow guidance on securing the vessel and reducing sail area prior to the capsize.

You can read the whole report here. If you have the time, it’s worth studying in detail. If you don’t, Donne reports the key points in his blog here.

John Vigor also covered the story with a blog post that concludes, “So many questions, but the mainstream Press doesn’t know enough to ask them. But no matter what conclusions the board of enquiry came to, I’d like to hear the second officer’s story for myself.”