from Erik Coburn

Looking forward to seeing you all this upcoming weekend.  If anyone is in need of a place to put down a tent let me know because we should be able to accomodate you.  We have been having nice wind all summer and I’m guessing by the law of averages it should be sunny and warm this weekend!

Our goal this year is to provide an event with as many fair races as possible at the smallest fee possible.  Consider this the Recession Special.  During our high school event we got off 19 races.  Obviously our courses will be longer for the Youth Circuit but we are hoping to provide as much racing as possible for an inexpensive entry fee.  Therefore, we ask that you provide all other meals besides dinner Saturday night.  You will pass a Safeway (obvious) on your left as you descend the big hill into town.  We also have a Food Co-op a little further down the road on the left off of Kearney Street (next light past the Safeway/McDonald’s light).  In town there are many food options.

Please let me know via email or phone if you have an Opti Green competitor.  Also, please let me know if you are in need of a place to camp.

Notice of Race follows the break.

Notice of Race
Port Townsend Youth Regatta
Northwest Maritime Center
August 6th and 7th, 2011

The regatta will be governed by the current Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) and the US Sailing Prescriptions except as modified by the Notice of Race, Sailing Instructions or by class rules that do not conflict with the RRS, Prescriptions, Notice of Race or Sailing Instructions.  This event will be scored as per the criteria defined on the NW Youth Circuit website (

Regatta communications will be via a whiteboard located in the “Commons.”

A start will be given to any class represented by more than 3 boats.  We may consolidate similar boats into one start (i.e. Laser, Laser Radial, Laser 4.7) as the PRO deems appropriate, but they will be scored separately.  We anticipate having an Opti fleet (consisting of Red, White and Blue), a Vanguard 15 fleet, and Laser fleets.  We may run a separate course for Opti Green if the PRO deems is necessary.

Competitors must be 18 years of age and under, and Opti competitors shall be no older than 15.  Optis will be divided by age group into the following fleets: (Red ages 13 – 15), Blue (ages 11 – 12), and White (ages 10 and under).  Optimist Green Fleet (Novice) will be run on a separate course if necessary, and at least receive a separate start.

Older entrants may compete but will not be eligible for prizes or for NW Youth Circuit scoring.

0900 – 1100 Saturday Registration at NWMC
1100 Saturday Skippers Meeting at the NW Maritime Center Commons
1200 Saturday First Warning
~1830 Saturday BBQ Dinner at NWMC
0930 Sunday First Warning
1500 Sunday No race started after this time
~1600 Sunday Awards
***Schedule subject to revision by PRO

All registration will take place at the NWMC.  We will provide a Liability Waiver there to be filled out.

$10 per sailor, whether singlehanded or doublehanded.  Fee covers BBQ dinner Saturday night and two days of racing.  We will also have a jug of water filled and encourage you to bring your own water bottle.  We will strive to pack in as much fair racing as possible.  Additional meal tickets are available for $5/each.

Camping should be available at Old Fort Townsend State Park.  You can also try the Jefferson County Fairgrounds and Fort Worden though Fort Worden is probably booked up.  We will strive to host as many sailors and their families in tents in our yards – please contact me if you will be needing a place to camp.  This weekend coincides with our Blues Festival and much has been booked up for months.  Port Townsend gets very filled up over the summer!

Racing Area:
The racing area is due SE of the NWMC.  This is a busy area.  It is between a marina entrance, an area where many boats anchor, and not far from a ferry dock.  Common sense and Rules of the Road shall prevail over any racing concerns.  For example, make no assumptions that a ferry will give you right of way so you can complete a leg of your race.  If a ferry blasts 5 prolonged horns at a boat, that boat is subject to disqualification from the race.  Additionally, the racing area may have crab pots, and likely some current as well.  As always it is up to the sailor’s discretion whether they can compete in this environment!

Directions to the NW Maritime Center:
The address is 431 Water Street in Port Townsend.  To get there is simple: enter Port Townsend on State Highway 20 (also known as Sims Way) which eventually becomes Water Street as you enter the downtown area.  Drive straight through downtown with the water on your right.  You will see the NWMC on your right as you near the end of this road.  Do not pull in to the lot before the facility.  Drive past the yellow building and then the red building, but before the road makes you go left (otherwise you are going swimming!) you can hang a right into the “Commons” to unload your boat.  Please do not pull in here if you have any fluids leaking from your car!  If that is the case, please unload on the street out of the way of traffic.  There are many pedestrians in this area and quite a few cars too so be careful and use common sense.

Additional Information regarding the NWMC:
The NWMC is also an events center and a wedding will be hosted there on Saturday in the Commons between 1630 and 1715.  We ask that you show respect and keep your gear consolidated away from the “Compass Rose” at this time.  Volunteers will be on hand to help direct you where to store your gear.

Additionally, we really make an effort to keep garbage from blowing into our bay.  This includes little pieces of rigging tape, candy and sandwich wrappers, and plastic bottles.

Regatta Contact and PRO:
Erik Coburn, 720-635-0205