There is a dedicated team that made the recent Classic Mariners’ Regatta a reality. All sorts of things need to be done, and one of the unexpected items that needed “doing” this year was the making of new bases for the found CMR trophies. The trophies have been around since 1988. (The first CMR was in 1983.) Around 1996 they disappeared but were “found”again in storage this year at the Maritime Center. Research at The Leader provided the missing winners’ names for the intervening years, but there was not room to list them all on the original trophy bases. Enter Todd Knoblock, craftsman extraordinaire! Its not like he had extra time on his hands. Todd is renovating an entire Victorian house…no small job. But he took the time to make new bases for the trophies and they are beautifully done. You can see them in the Northwest Maritime Center trophy case in a couple of weeks when the 2011 winners’ names have been engraved on them. Thank you Todd.

Another “job” that needs doing every year is the making of the traditional pennants. This is easily the most time consuming task of the whole regatta. Each pennant takes about 3 hours to make, by the time you find a material that looks and feels traditional, match threads, cut out a pattern, and sew it all together (in just the right order, double stitching it so it can fly from your mast without coming apart.) This year Tulip Morrow did all the work…after she got off of her full time, labor-intensive day job. Oh yes, Tulip also baked goods for the Saturday morning Skippers’ meeting. So next time you see Tulip, tell her how much you appreciate those great pennants!